Boredom struck me so I took a spontaneous hair adventure to the land of unicorns~ It's been a while since i've done a KPop inspired hair, my last one was alllllll the back in 2015. So here we are with a BTS Rap Monster inspired unicorn hair, cotton candy hair, paddle pop ice cream hair, or whatever hair you want to call it.

In some pictures he had blue and pink and in others lilac and pink, so I decided to mixed all 3 colours because why not?

I slapped the dyed onto a random areas, when I first washed it out I was in shoooookkkk like wtf have I done to my hair. Now I absolutely adore it, it actually came out nicer than I expected. I can't get over it and want to have this unicorn permanently. Buttttttt I also have no idea how I am going to do the roots when my hair starts growing out.

Anyway here is some picture spam so you can see the hair better~ ^^

What do you guys think of my new hair? ^^

Have you also dyed yours for summer? If you have, please show me I would love to see it! <3

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