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Writing this review again because the original didn't save urghhh. Anyway how's everyone doing? I've been trying to get a sexy tan because the sun has been blazzzzing~ Moving on, I've been following Perfect Beauty, now known as The Acne Channel on Youtube since my teenage acne days. Thankfully my skin has cleared now but I still look after it to prevent acne and scars. The last few weeks I having been putting one her well known products - The Banish Oil to the test. Carry on reading to see how it worked! ^.<

► Product:

This product was formally known as the Banish Vitamin C Serum (yes I have their old packaging) before it got renamed it to the Banish Oil. The formula and the amount of you product you get is still the same. I love that the product is made from natural ingredients. The serum helps to protect the skin with antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin C, E and Ferulic Acid. I have noticed the serum getting darker after a few weeks, which is not much of concern to me as it just shows the ingredients used are fresh and there are no preservatives added.

► Usage:

I used to it after my micro-derma roller sessions to help heal scars quicker, now I just use the serum before I sleep to help brighten up and moisturise my skin. It does wonders in reducing hyperpigmention (acne scars) and improving skin texture. I prefer to use it at night rather than day time as the serum is quite rich so a little goes a long way. It also does leave a slight oily/sticky feeling on the skin due to the glycerin. It acts as a nice protective barrier, but not a nice feeling during summer nights.

► Overall:

Overall I do like the results of the serum, however would I pay $49 (+ £15 UK shipping) again for such a small amount of product? Probably not for now cos i'm a broke student yo. If it didn't leave the sticky feeling afterwards, then maybe I would splurge and invest in the skincare. If you don't mind spending some extra bucks and do like natural products that does the job of reducing hyperpigmentation and moisturising, then why not? It could fade your scars really quickly too~ ^^

► Rating: 6/10

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