I live for good food and stunning views, Cafe Rouge offers exactly that! Cafe Rouge were super lovely and invited a bunch of us Birmingham bloggers to sample and try out their brand new Spring/Summer inspired menu. Their previous Winter event (read about it here ^^) blew me away, but this Summer event was even better! Cafe Rouge doesn't fail to impress. Let's get started with the summer adventure~

► Gin Bloom Cocktails:

We was greeted with prosecco and gin & tonic as Cafe Rouge launched 4 new Gin Bloom cocktails flavours - Elderflower, Grapefruit & Orange, Cucumber & Watermelon and Green Tea & Lemongrass. I went for the Grapefruit & Orange gin, which I really liked! I am normally not fond of gin because of the bitter aftertaste, but the grapefruit notes gives a strong citrus flavour thats sweet, refreshing and very up lifting. Couldn't taste the gin yasss.

► Nibbles & Starters:

Please excuse my chipped nail polish~ Along with our cocktails, we were served with a plate of nibbles. There were three different toppings served on sourdough bread - Salmon with picked fennel, Crab & avocado and their classic Pate with shallot & raisin chutney. The Tian of Crab and Avocado was my favourite out of the three, which is the one i'm holding and one of the new summer items. The creaminess of the avocado and crab with coriander mayonnaise just compliment each other so well. I want to go back Cafe Rouge right now for some more!

We were also served duck, that comes with a creamy sauce and potatoes. I thought it was quite interesting since i'm used to Chinese restaurants serving duck with a fruity sauce. So it was a really nice change. ^^ To finish off the nibbles I also tried some of their artesian deli meats from their French production sites.

► Main & Mocktails:

Before my main arrived, I had some cheeky red wine and a Peach Ice Tea mocktail~ Changed from cocktails to mocktails because I'm a lightweight but I highly recommend it! The peach flavour was so juicy and luscious. Literally to die for and perfect for the weather!

For my main I went for one of the new summer items called Tagine. It's a Moroccan style stew served with a Mediterranean Khobez flatbread. The stew is packed full of veggies - butternut squash, carrots, spinach, chickpeas, courgettes, coriander and almonds. Full of texture and flavours going on; it was truly heart warming like comfort food. Just what I needed to cure a hangover.

Couldn't resist another mocktail before the desserts arrived. This time I went for French Garden Fizz recommended by Abbiegayle, which is a very fresh and sweet drink with elderflower petals, fresh mint and lemon & lime juice. This turned out to be my favourite drink from the evening. If I were describe the taste of summer with a drink, it would be the French Garden Fizz mocktail. I do wish I got round to trying all the mocktail on the menu, they all sounded so delicious.

► Desserts:

For dessert, we had a selection of treats! I was craving Creme Brulee, so I was filled with joy when it saw it. Always a go to desert classic. The desserts all tasted so heavenly. My top treat had to be the Raspberry Parfait with salted cameral pistachio; it was so smooth and I loved the sharpness of the raspberry.

► Overall:

To finish off the event Cafe Rouge were super adorable and gave me flowers! Whattt? Sweetest restaurant ever. <3 Anyway~ I really enjoyed my time at Cafe Rouge. Not just the only food, I enjoyed everything from the incredible atmosphere, friendly staff and stunning Mailbox view. Cafe Rouge always make me feel welcomed. Loving all the fruity goodness and refreshing flavours on the summer menu, I will be back for some more mocktails indeed. Thank you Cafe Rouge for once again hosting such an amazing event and I am so grateful for the invite. <3