Reviewing one of my everyday products before I use it all up and forget about it oops. As you can see I have really hit pan on this, does anyone else get satisfied when you hit pan or manage to use up a whole product? Anyway lets get to review and see how it performs!

► Info and Usage:

So the Matte Maker powder claims to be an all day powder and to have millions of powerful mattifying particles to instantly absorb oils for a flawless matte finish. I like to use the product with my large galaxy powder brush from Zaful.

► Performance:

This is my face after foundation and before applying powder. Theres a bit of shine because I tend to go for foundations that have a dewy finish for a healthy and radiant look. I also have combination skin; my T zone gets super oily after a few hours. 

The powder is very fine and it blends seamlessly with my skin. It doesn't appear cakey and has a nice velvet finish. Which I loveee~ It pretty much does everything you could ask for in a powder (beside additional pore blurring features etc). It has a sheer coverage/tint of colour. It keeps my face matte hour for around 5 hours, I do need to do touch ups throughout the day. Especially now that the weather is blazing and a little humid! 

► Overall

On average, the powder manages to keep my face matte and shine free for around 5-6 hours. I do like the powder, but its nothing to rave about nor do I have any complaints. I think its a great product for those new to makeup or for those looking for an affordable drugstore product. The only downside is that you will need to touch up after a few hours. Nevertheless it's a decent everyday product that does the job and what it claims.

  Rating: 7/10

Which products have you hit pan on? ^^ Let me know in the comments down below~

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