Last month I visited Manchester for the Lost in Time - Go HARDWELL or Home concert(/rave or whatever you prefer to call it ^.<), literally one of the best and most memorable nights of my life. I need to relive that experience and see my bae Hardwell again. Okay, moving on~ the next morning I was craving some good food and my best friend Claudia suggested going Burger & Lobster. I haven't been Burger & Lobster since they first opened in London back in 2011/2012, so thought it was a good suggestion - lets go!

► Drink:

Their menu has expanded since it first opened, I remember when it used to be 4 items only. They now have few more variations of burgers and others. I know, i'm boring (or you could say healthy ^.<) for ordering water but I could do with no more wine/alcohol after a night out. I like that they have their logo on a bottle, very aesthetic.

► Food:

Time for good part! If you read my blog, you will know that I am indecisive af. So I went for the Burger and Lobster Combo, where you get a 1.25lb lobster with a 6oz burger. It comes with a portion of chips, side of salad and some lush garlic butter sauce. In my case, I get 3 salads because my friends don't like their greens. Yasss more food for Michelle~ We were given bid

The lobster was grilled really nicely to perfection, it maintained the softness of the meat and juiciness. Not overcooked or underdone. It does come with a tool to help you get the meat out easier but it's just so much more enjoyable to dig in with your fingers. The garlic butter sauce it comes with taste like heaven! Honestly, its probably the best garlic butter sauce i've tried to date. It very creamy and blasting with flavour. Complements the lobster really well. Lastly, the salad was fresh and crunchy. It was good however I do feel they could of use a better salad dressing than a drizzle of vinegar.

Overall, a very delightful meal and a lovely treat when you want to splurge a little bit more on food. The atmosphere at the Manchester branch was quieter and calming, where as the London branches were very busy, lively and full of energy.

► Burger & Lobster Info:

Location: Ship Canal House, 98 King St, Manchester M2 4WU

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