I WENT VEGAN FOR A WEEK / What I Ate In A Week. Pros of Plant Based Diet

July 27, 2017

There have been times where I have attempted to go vegetarian (and failed miserably at that lol) so I pushed myself to the extremes and challenged myself to go fully vegan for one week! It could be more extra going on a raw vegan diet but I would mostly not make it past 2/3days. I vlogged/documented my experience which you can watch in the video above. :') I also tried out a new editing style which I am very happy about~ Finishing off this post with some pros of going vegan/ a plant based diet:

  • Plenty of health benefits - increased energy, improved skin, significantly reduces the risks of a number of major illnesses.
  • Veganism is more environmentally sustainable as it requires less land to support compared to a meat/dairy diet. Meat production is a significant contributor to deforestation.
  • Helps alleviate world hunger. If grains were fed to humans instead of livestock, more food would be available for the 925 million people in chronic hunger. 
^ Last point, I do question about as majority of the excess grains produced is purely for livestock. That's why there's 2 sides to every debate right?

Would you try going vegan?

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  1. Tried to do this but gave up midweek. Just can't resist meat. :)) Followed you via GFC. :) Hope you can visit mine and follow back as well! :)

    Almari Writes. ❤

    1. Awww only a few more days and youve of made it! followed you back lovely <3

  2. Love your blog dear ! I follow you...hope you will follow back <3

  3. I would be vegan,but I can't.. I follow you,please follow me back and thanks!♥

  4. What an amazing idea. I always wanted to be vegetarian growing up, but my parents wouldn't let me. Now that I'm older, it is still something that I want to do...but it's definitely hard to make such a huge lifestyle change. You are definitely an inspiration! Following you on GFC :)

    1. Same my parents woudlnt let me either so i waited until uni ^^ awwww good luck if when you decide to go for it! <3 Thank you lovely :)

  5. Great post :* Love your blog dear! I followed you :* hope you will follow back :)