If follow me on Instagram (@MichelleCheungg) or Snapchat you may have seen me constantly complaining about my darks circles in the morning. They are pretty pretty bad, to the point they even peak through heavy makeup. Colour correcting them, don't help either. So I was very ecstatic to try out the Peachy Fox London Marine Collagen Eye Gel! Like is this the cure to the bane of my existence? *Dark circles, i'm just being dramatic but they seriously are really bad!

► Packaging:

Simple and clean packaging. The product comes in a hygienic airless pump like the rest of their products. I wouldn't say it's travel friendly as many other eye gel/cream products tend to come in smaller tubes.

► Product:

The consistency is a thick gel that is cooling and not tacky, the cooling sensation is lovely for waking up my tired eyes in the morning and just a nice feeling for using it in summer. Cool it in the fridge before using it for a more intense cooling and reduce puffiness further.

► Results:

Before applying the eye gel and the results after 15 minutes. My dark circles are visibility less noticeable! At first I wasn't expecting much results due to having dark circles for such a long time. The results are almost instant and reduce dark circles the more you use it. This is my favourite Peachy Fox product I have tried and tested so far. It's my current holy grail eye gel product too and the best one i've tried so far in the 20 years of my life.

► Overall:

I am constantly working so I lack the much needed sleep to keep my dark circles at bay. This eye gel is ever so lush! Great consistency and lovely cooling sensation for waking tired eyes. I've noticed my dark circles have reduced slightly and it really helped with reducing the puffiness as well. I can't comment on if I helps with reducing wrinkles or not, as I don't have any. Looking forward to using this more to get further results!

► Rating: 9/10

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