How adorable and unique does champagne pink sound for a hair colour? The packaging is even more cute! It's also what lured me into purchasing and trying out this dye. Let's jump right into the review because the result of this dye ended up pretty interesting and underwhelming at the same time...

► Contents:

The box includes the colour cream, developer, instruction leaflet, hair mask, brush applicator and a pair of gloves. Everything was written in Japanese so I didn't understand what it was saying. But it was very straightforward and easy to use as it's the same as your standard drugstore hair dyes.

► Process:

I sectioned up my hair and applied the dye onto my bleached hair, leaving it to develop for around 30 minutes. You can watch all the mixing process in the video above~ The dye made my hair look very lilac when it was developing, I thought the colour was going to turn out as a unique mauvy lilac however the results were completely different to box and not what I expected!

► Before Dying:

Yes I forgot to take a photo of my hair before I dyed it... I am literally face palming myself! So here's a screenshot of my hair colour from a Youtube video before I dyed it on the day. 

► After Dying:

HERE'S WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! The colour looks completely different to when the dye was on right? After washing out the dye, my hair turned out as cool silver blonde with a very subtle hint of pink. It's a cute colour. The pink isn't very noticeable, I wish the pink was more intense like when the dye was developing.

► After 2 Washes:

Only after 2 washes, the pink completely faded to fully silver. The colour faded so quickly, you would think that I have dyed my hair again.

► Overall:

The dye was easy to use and came with everything you would need. This is the first box dye that i've tried that DOESN'T match the box. Usually the swatches on the back of the box are fairly accurate in my opinion, but this was off the charts. I guess it may be a different story for unique fashion colours? Although I do like the colour, the dye on a whole was disappointing - the result was completely unexpected and the colour faded ridiculously quick. Therefore I would not recommend this dye. Don't fall for the cute packaging like I did! I'll give kudos to Fresh Light for marketing technique.

► Rating: 4/10