On October 20th, HyunA posted a picture of her on the weighing scales. Sharing her current weight of 43.1kg to everyone. People were confused as to why she decided to post her weight on social media. At the first people thought she was promoting skinniness and weight loss, due to the pressure of the KPop industry being really strict with idol's dieting and weights. But people actually misunderstood her; she later responded in the comments that she gained this weight through healthy eating and exercise. 

She also said that "Unnie eat lots of delicious food!"

HyunA is trying to show her healthy weight gain as a positive movement. During her Bubble Pop era, she weighed 39kg, so she has managed to get back to her usual weight.

Fans have also said this is a sign of her having 100% control of her body back after leaving CUBE entertainment.

I think her trying to promote gaining healthy weight is much needed for Korea's standard of beauty, not everyone has to fit into a box and change is needed. What do you think?

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