I've recently moved back to Birmingham after graduating uni, so I've been working hard getting my butt back on the blogging scene. PrezzyBox were super lovely and invited me to their annual Jingle Mingle event, what an exciting way start my blogging journey again! And it's so lovely to have them host their event in Birmingham; last year it was held in Nottingham.

Upon arrival, the Prezzybox team were super welcoming and greeted us with some bubbles. The room was filled with Pinterest style gifts, I would be one happy bunny if someone gifted me something from PrezzyBox, look how cute they are!

If you love your drinkies like me, this Cocktail Neon Effect Sign is a must. I've been eyeing it throughout the night haha. After looking at all the gift displays, we went to have some nibbles and mingled with the other Bloggers. There were bloggers and YouTubers that travelled all the way from Blackpool, Brighton, London etc I was pretty shook and it was so lovely to meet people from everywhere.

Motivational Talks from Zak Edwards and Eltoria

The night followed with a motivational talk from the PrezzyBox creator and MD, Zak Edwards. Before he started Prezzybox, he hated his 9-5 and wanted to do something fun. It was very inspiring and humbling to learn about how he built up the company from an idea, the struggles and the work he put in to get the company where it is today. The key take away from the talk was to do something fun and chase after your dreams. He's such a funny guy and I adore that he tries to support smaller UK businesses and creators, now that he has this successful company.

We also had a talk from Youtuber Eltoria, also known as the beauty advent calendar unboxing girl. She told us about her Youtube journey, gave us social media tips and how to find a niche in the market to dominate. My god, she's even more stunning in real life and she's like the same person in her videos, very bubbly and friendly.

Wild Olive Bath Melt Workshop

This was my favourite part of the night! I did a workshop with the all-natural bath and body brand Wild Olive. Mine didn't turn out looking as good as the ones on display, but hey I tried and it was really fun!

The amazing Lauren showed us how to pipe their popular Bath Melts, if I recall correctly she said that you can make 200 or more an hour, they're all handmade! The Bath Melt is made with cocoa butter to give you an indulgent experience and to moisturize your skin nicely. 

Mine turn out literally like a unicorn poop because I went overboard with the decorations lol, I put loads of biodegradable glitter and unicorn soaps into them. They may be poop but at least they're magical. They also gifted me their Clementine and Prosecco Shower Smoothie, i'm super excited to try it out because it smells sooo divine. All their products are vegan, handmade, kind to your skin and the environment. 

I missed their photography flat lay workshop because I got carried away talking, typical me. But me and Ting did take loads of Instagram boomerangs and photos at their mini photobooth. 

The event was so fun, it had us snapping the night away. Thank you so much to PrezzyBox for hosting this! It would be great to see you again next year. <3

If you want to see for yourself what went down at Jingle Mingle, then here is a little quick video:

Does any of the PrezzyBox gifts tickle your pickle? 

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