Shirt: Ralph Lauren
It's finally October! Which also means it's cancer awareness month. I'm super excited to be partnering up with Polo Ralph Lauren to bring you guys today's outfit. Every year Ralph Lauren has a Pink Pony collection in an effort to support the fight against cancer and to reduce disparities in treatments available. 

The Pink Pony 2018 collection has fresh and chic pieces, perfect for millennials to style as part of their everyday casual outfits. This year it's all pastel pink and pastel blue themed which I absolutely adore!

100% of the pink Live Love graphic t-shirt sales will be donated to support programs for screening, early diagnosis, treatment, education, and patient navigation. The donations help to ensure that everyone gets the access to quality treatments during curable stages.

Be part of the solution and order a #PinkPony shirt on Ralph Lauren. You'll get to support the cause, make a difference all while looking fabulous! If the shirt doesn't tickle your pickle, there's plenty of other stylish pink pieces in the Pink Pony collection, where 25% will be donated. Feel good, look good. <3

I chose to be Fearless in Pink. What will you be _______ in Pink?

Disclaimer: Complimentary shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren