Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer Review & Comparision to Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer

July 09, 2013

Feels like a while a ago since i've last done a make up review even though I done one last wekk LOLOL. xD Today will be a review on the new Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer in the shade No.4 Prom Queen. These are available in 4 different shades at £6.50. After the review I will be doing a comparision with the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer, so I think this will be a interesting post hahaha. ^_^

Collection claims that:
  • it has colour that doesnt give up without a fight, its perfect for an all night pout
  • Spong tip applicator that provides a quick, smooth, even application that glide on effortlessly.
First of all, I really love the colour range as they are all very colorful yet wearable. I chose to get the shade Prom Queen as its suitable for everyday wear and the colour is cute. The lip lacquer does have a kind of acrylic smell, not sure how to describe but I would say acrylic or plasticy smell but it isn't bad. The colour pay off is 90% ish opaque, and offers a pouty glossy finish. The lip lacquer does last all day long but it will wipe off your lip while eating or drinking, as the consistency is quiet thick. Due to the thick consistency it doesnt dry on your lips and pretty much just sit there. So you might need to reapply it after eating or drinking. To be honest I wouldn't repurchase this product as there are better ones on the market such as the Rimmel London Apocalips. I wouldnt really recommend this either unless your after everyday wear colours, which is the reason I brought it. Overall I would rate this product as 2.5/5.

Comparision to Rimmel London Apocalips

I know the review for the Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer was a bit short, but my brain just automatically keeps comparing the both. The Rimmel London Apocalips is available in 8 shades, so it offers a wider range, however majority of the colours are quite bright so some people may not think it's suitable for everyday wear. I would say that most suitable everyday colour is "Celestial" but like so some people may find it a bit dark/bright. Thats why I would recommend the Colour Pro Intense for everyday wear wise. The Apocalips are more opaque than the Colour Pro Intense, so Apocalips wins colour pay off wise.

The Apocalips retails for £5.99, so price wise the Apocalips is cheaper. Also I prefer the Apocalips packaging more than the Colour Pro Intense as I feel the packaging looks a bit cheap. Consistency wise, Apocalip is much thinner so It doesn't feel heavy or anything on your lips compared to the Colour Pro Intense. I much prefer the Apocalips over the Colour Pro Intense anyday, as the quality is higher and cheaper.

So do you guys prefer the Colour Pro Intense or Apocalips lip lacquer? ^^

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