Ginvera isn't really a well known brand within the UK, I think its more popular in Asia as I see quite a bit of people from Singapore raving about it. *Correct me if i'm wrong. xDD I'm not sure which shops sells Ginvera products, but if you live in UK Birmingham, they are available at MailBox Harvey Nicols. The Green Tea Refreshing Brighten-Up Cream retails for £22. Since they put out testers, once you open the jar and smell it, it just attracts you into buying it hahaha. Also the UK doesn't offer much green tea or skin whitening products in the market, so it was grab it quick product.

Starting on the review, Ginvera claims:

  • It ensures maximum protect of skin against UV rays, so skins remains naturally fair.
  • Non greasy formula so its easily absorbed into the skin allowing it to stay comfortably moisturised through the day 

The Refreshing Brighten-Up Cream is non greasy, even though its a cream its very lightweight and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It leaves your skin feeling a little cool feeling which is meant to be the "refreshing effect" xD. I have oily skin, this doesn't make my skin like oil puddle (does that even make sense ahah?) like some creams do. It does hydrate my skin quite well, but I think those with dry skin, the hydration wont last the entire day. I love the scent of this cream, its really calming and sweet, its not overpowering as the scent is very gentle. ^^

As for the "maximum protection of skin against UV rays" I would say no haha. Since it only has SPF15, which is pretty low but better than nothing. The SPF15 will help to prevent your skin from darkening so thats good and does what it claims. If the cream also had a higher SPF or UV filters then I probably would of said yes for the "maximum protection". 

Also this cream is meant to brighten up your skin, I would say it does. The ingredients itself don't help to brighten your skin, the brightening effect is due the fact the cream leaving a slight white cast on your skin (probably from the SPF or just the whiteness of the cream). The white cast will make your skin look more fair, so the cream is illuminating to brighten your skin not by whitening it. The "brightening effect" makes your skin appear more even and smooth so its a win win. ^^ 

Overall I would repurchase this as it does what it claims - refreshes, brightens and protects from UV rays. The scent is a bonus, as it so niceeee! The additional SPF helps to save time if your in a rush as you wont need to put extra SPF on. So I do recommend this product to people and I think its a good product for the spring-summer time. ^_^

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