I'm back from the countryside finallyyyyy! I have internet again *CRYS OF HAPPINESS*. Anyway today i'am going to review the Garnier Olia Hair Dye in the shade Light Chocolate. 2 weeks ago I decided to dye my hair back to brown for prom. It was so damn hard to chose a brown but this one attracted me the most.

Hair before dying it:

To start off, I have bleached hair (and dyed with blonde on top) before dying it Light Chocolate. So the results will vary depending on what colour your hair is. ^_^ 


Here is first day after I've dyed it. Honestly I was SUPER disappointed since the dye had so many brilliant reviews and the colour matched the box, in photos i've seen. There's barely any colour - it looks like I didn't even dye my hair since it's only ever so slightly darker than my previous hair colour. Since this was dyed one day right before prom, I honestly thought my hair was screwed. 

This is the second day /prom day. I don't know what happened but after I washed my hair it appeared slightly darker than the day before. Which made me not as disappointed as before, but I am still not happy with the results. The colour looks no where near like the colour on the box. Then again this may be due to my bleached hair, since you get unpredictable results because the hair is porous. I left the dye on for 1 hour so the dye should had more than enough time to develop. Even though bleached hair is porous, my hairdressers told me that it grabs onto pigments when dye it applied. But the pigments will leak out very quick. 

This is 2 weeks after the dye, as you can see majority of the dye has fades/leaked out, leaving some gingery tones behind. :/


Like all dyes, it's comes with the basics - colour creme, developer, conditioner, gloves and instructions. I like how Garnier gave some consideration to the shape of the bottle, the shape is interesting which makes it easy to hold and control. The dye itself, once you've mixed the colour creme and developer, it has a very runny consistency and a light texture. Which I personally dislike, as the dye went everywhere and sometimes dying my hair just got messy. =.=  On the other hand it does smell really nice. I'd say the best part of the dye is the fact it comes with a good amount of conditioner, that leaves your hair ultra soft. Also that fact its "oil-powered" so it doesn't damage your hair as well as the traditional dyes.

The outcome of the dye has to be the major con! I would not have been as disappointing if the colour came out slightly lighter or darker, its the fact the results were a completely unexpected colour and the pigments barely even came out at all. I want what I paid right for right? Maybe it's because I have bleached hair? But I don't think so, since my hair dyed when I used other brown dyes. Also I've only bleached it twice so its not at the stage where its hard for it to hold onto the pigments.

Would I recommend it or repurchase it? Straight no for me. As I feel its a waste of money since the dye is messy and the pigments don't even match the box or come out.

But if you are interested in trying it still, they retail at drug stores for £6.99. Have a good day ^_^


  1. Yes it's because you had bleached hair, trust me i'm hairdresser. You have to color it twice whit the same color until it takes it in properly.

  2. Okay thank you for your advice, ill dye it twice next time ^_^