Tartan is so on trend for 2014 - I keep seeing it everywhere! Especially in the music scene. The outfits that caught my eye the most are from TTS's Adrenaline performance. I love their outfits! - its edgy yet elegant. I love the contrast of black and red and how they paired a sheer chiffon blouse with tartan. Loads of interesting textures + patterns.My favourite outfit is probably Tiffany's, although I am more likely to wear Taeyeon's. >w< I shall do some inspired kpop fashion posts soon, when I have time. ^_^ Its been a while since i've done one. 

You can watch the performance here~

What trend/outfit have you been liking this month? ^__^


  1. I really like the tartan look! Especially with TaeTiSeo! You're right! Its really edgy and elegant at the same time! Darn these Kpop stars! :P Can't wait for more of your inspired kpop fashion post!!

    My fashion favorite right now .. would be sweaters&boots! You can never go wrong with a comfy sweater! lol But i also think its because Fall is coming and the heat is leaving California :)

    p.s. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day! Followed you on GFC!! Yay blogging Buddies! <3

    1. Definitely think TTS pulled it off the best~ ^^ Thank you ^^

      Oh yes sweater weather is so comfy :') I need to invest in some boots! xD

      Welcomes ^^ Thanks for following :D

  2. I am loving that Kpop fashion, and especially loving Tiffany's outfit,
    featuring the pleated tartan mini-skirt with the sheer black stay-up stockings and sheer black chiffon blouse!
    I also am also loving TTS's music and their dancing.

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