Source: Innisfreeofficial Instagram

I just saw Innisfree's Instagram post introducing their latest product - Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence! and immediately came here to share it with you guys. As always Innisfree products are made from natural ingredients from Jeju Island. The Sparkling Mineral Essence uses water as special revitalisation agent to form the combination - carbonated mineral essences. Carbonated spring water makes up 73.6% of the product.

The product is very new so there is currently not much information on it (in English) or sold on any online stores yet. It's retails for 25,000 KRW (£14.71 / $22.71).

I am quite excited about this product as it has been seen many times on Korean beauty shows, using carbonated water can help achieve flawless skin. 

Innisfree release the CF on 15/02/15 featuring YooNa from SNSD. Check it out here~

Are you guys excited for its release? :')


  1. Wow this one seems really interesting!

  2. ohh sounds intresting!
    Thanks for sharing~

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  3. I'll only be excited for it when I know that it's good :P hahaha!
    Thanks for the update though~ don't think I would have known about it otherwise haha

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  5. I just bought last week and tried it ,it's amazing! super hydrate, bmy skin be sensitive cuz by cold weather and sun expose during skiing,skin feel pain with whatever you've apply on it,I've try this and skin be better at the next day! I bought promotion valuablepack buy 1 free small one plus a bottle,cost only 25000won !highly recommend!

    1. Oh wow, thats amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience with the product :DDD I need to check this out!