Today's post is something a little refreshing~ Instead of my usual cosmetic reviews; in collaboration with YesStyle, i'll be introducing the YesStyle's Fashion App. I wasn't aware that YesStyle had a mobile app until now ><", so I thought it would be refreshing to share it with you guys! If you haven't heard of YesStyle before; YesStyle is an online retailer that sells a vast amount of trendy Asian fashion and beauty products. (This is where I get my Laneige and some other Korean/Japanese beauty products from ^.~)

The App is  available for iPhone and Android users. You can find the YesStyle App by simply searching "YesStyle" in the App Store or in Google Play. It's free too~

To use the app, you will need an internet connection. When you open and launch the app, the classic YesStyle logo appears for a quick few seconds and then navigates you to the home page. On the home page, you can see their last arrivals, sales and discounts. You can swipe right to see their latest products and events for males. The app runs very smoothly and does not require any loading time. 


When you touch the search button (at the top left hand corner), the navigation list appears. Here can you find products, see promotions, keep up with the latest trends, manage your account etc. The design of the app is very well done and organised.

The Categories tab is where you'll all the different products YesStyle offers. There 9 categories - Women, Men, Beauty, Jewellery, Shoes, Bags, Accessories, Kids and Lifestyle. Each category has sub-categories too, so you can search for items easier. I really like that the app a grey bubble telling you how many items are available in each category. 


Shopping on the app is wonderful, its just like shopping on the website. It displays the basic information of the products - image, name, price and discount is there is any. I like that YesStyle has a heart button next to each product, so that you can add the item to your wish list. If you want to find out more about a product you're looking at, you simply touch the item you want and it will navigate you, so that you can see more photos and information of the product. If you want to purchase a product, you can add the item to your shopping bag buy simply touching the green button.


You can view all the items in your bag by clicking on the Shopping Bag tab. On the Shopping Bag page, you can see the total amount of all the items and you can proceed to checkout. I briefly mentioned about adding items to your Wishlist above; you can view all the items you saved earlier  by clicking on the Wistlist tab. 


Now here's one of my favourite parts of the app! The News & Features page. Here you can Ask Nikki for fashion advice and style tips, find reviews on the latest beauty products and keep up current asian fashion trends. Great for keeping up to date with the beauty and fashion world on the go. Making the app very useful for YesStyle users and for beauty + fashion enthusiasts. 


Want a chance to win USD$100 to shop on

If you download the YesStyle app on your mobile device and sign into your account, you will automatically earn 100 Stylebucks on your first download and sign in, making you a Bronze member so you'll receive 3% off all your purchases. Furthermore, you'll be entered in for a USD$100 coupon draw. There will be 3 lucky winners selected every month! The draw ends on April 30th 2015, so hurry before you miss the chance! ^.~

To see the terms and conditions for the contests, click here.

For information about the YesStyle App you can visit Alternatively you can can visit the App Store and Google Play for more description.

Good luck everyone! ^__^

What are your thoughts on the YesStyle App? Tell me in the comments below~
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a good day!

*This post is sponsored by YesStyle


  1. Nice post dear!
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  2. I've never shopped at YesStyle before but its pretty cool they have an app! i love shopping apps hahaha but its not good for my wallet

    1. ikr~ ^^ aahah it's the reason my purse is always empty xDD

  3. I've just discovered you and find your page so great.
    I often buy at Yesstyle, and kpop I also like to listen. =)
    Have also a page when you look möchtst not you drop by. ^^