I have tried MIZON products in the past and adored them. (Check out my review on SNAIL RECOVERY GEL CREAM and Trouble Clinic Acence Blemish Out Pink Spot if you haven't already~ ^^). Pink Spot is one of my favourites, so I thought that I'd try out other products in the Acence line. The Blemish Control Soothing Gel Cream is the first Mizon product I am disappointed with.

Production Description:

"A oil-free gel moisturiser that balances oil production and hydrates skin all at once. This soothing cream alleviates blemishes and prevents new ones with it patented ACNATURAL formula. It absorbs easily without stickiness while it forms a skin-protecting film that prevents more skin trouble.
Benefits: Acne Care, Oil Control, Nourishes, Brightens"

^NOOOPE, a little, NO and NO. 


Sleek packaging; great colour combination, reminds me of a dermatologist for some reason. It has a second inner lid, but despite that, the content still leaks due to its extremely running consistency. As you can seen in the photo above.


When I first opened the product I was welcomed with an unpleasant overwhelming alcohol and lemon scent. I usually have no problems with products that contain alcohol but this gel just contains way too much. People with sensitive skin should avoid at all cost! The gel is a cloudy white colour, lightweight and has a ridiculously runny consistency. If you were to accidentally drop the product, all the contents would spill out. The formula is pretty bad...

It does apply onto the skin nicely and control oils. Theres a really nice cooling/soothing sensation when you apply it, but too bad the amount of alcohol cancels out any soothing benefits it has to offer. It also leaves a really thin film, almost like a barrier - same as sleeping packs. The more I used the gel, more redness in my skin appeared. This annoyed me because it took me ages to reduce the redness in my horrible skin. Not to mention this broke me out rather than controlling and preventing blemishes. This product irritated my skin that to the point I am now back on acne medication! Frustrating or what?!


  • Control oils
  • Minor moisture 
  • Lightweight
  • Nice cooling/soothing sensation


  • Content leaks
  • Overwhelming alcohol scent
  • Extremely runny consistency
  • Poor formula
  • Irritates skin - increased redness and blemishes
  • Not worth the price!

Rating: 2/10

Due to my experiences, I would not recommend this anyone. I don't see why rational person would want to purchase a pricey product that contains a lot of alcohol and breaks you out when you want rid them. A standard moisturiser would have probably gave you better results.

Has anyone tried a good acne controlling/prevention moisturiser that they could recommend? >.<" Would be really appreciated! :')

Have a great day~ ^__^


  1. Thank you for the review! I would have been tempted to purchase this product because of the brand and I really liked their spot treatment.

    1. Thanks for reading~ ^^ ikr~ such a shame since their other products are really good >.<

  2. :/ oh wow... too bad it didnt work. hearing about the packaging was already bad enough..
    I don't know any acne controlling moisturisers, i've been breaking out lately which has lessened since i've started using a clarisonic but it's a really slow process and i figured i should actually buy acne treatments, but idk where to begin. hahaha

    1. I've been seeing a lot more acne controlling moisturisers recently ^^ praying they won't me out like this one ;__; Thats good Clarisonic is working for you! :D Hahah is it a bit confusing with so much products on the market ><

  3. Thanks for reading~ ^^ lol thats the reason why i purchased this ;__; save your mmuneeeyyy~

  4. Ikr >.< Thanks for reading~ ^^ <3

  5. It sounds so terrible!! This is such a shame! I hate it when products turn to be so differenct! It makes me angry, because you spend money on it haha! But thanks a lot for the honest review~

    1. It pretty much is terrible >.< If only you get your money back when products are bad xD Thanks for reading~ ^__^

  6. I just bought the cream this afternoon and i just used it. I have very sensitive skin, but it doesn't really irritate me, I'm confused :O