Its been sooooo long since i've uploaded some artwork, so here is my latest canvas painting of the game champion Yasuo from League of Legends. ^__^ My workload is super crazy (and i'm lazy, so i've procrastinated to finish this). It legit took me more than a year painting on and off oops... I think there is some noticeable improvement compared to my Miss Fortune one, which makes me happy~ ^.^

I've record the process of the painting, you can watch it here ~ ^__^

Thats my productivity of this month done! I'm just kidding~ More reviews are the on the way~ ^^ Ive also record a hair video, so stay tuned for that!

Have a good day~


  1. HAHA love the changing hair colours :P
    I'm not much of a League person but your painting is so detailed and amazing :< give me your skills

    1. hahaha second person to notice ^.~ its changed like 4 times during that videos oops xDD
      Thank you! *gives you my skills* ^^