Inb4: Yes I sliced up half a cucumber for the first photo #creativephotographygamestrong :')

There are 16 variations of the Innifree It's Real sheet masks; each have slightly different functions, but all offer moisture, nourishment, radiance and renewal to your skin. The cucumber mask's function is to mainly soothe, hydrate and refresh your skin. It contains cucumber extracts to make your skin clear and vital, as well as Jeju green complex to keep your skin healthy.

How to use:

  • Apply the mask after cleansing and toning your face
  • Leave it on for 10  to 20mins
  • Massage or dab the remaining essence with your fingertips for your skin to adsorb it better

Unlike other mask i've tried, this one was not lined with plastic. Be gentle when unfolding to prevent it from ripping. The mask has cutouts for your eyes and nose - great feature. It contains 20ml of solution, which is the perfect amount! No solution dripped when I was taking it out and there was very minimal left in the package. The scent is lovely~ theres a tiny hint of cucumber but it's more of perfumed floral scent.

I left it on for 20 minutes - sooooo refreshing and relaxing! It has a cooling sensation even if you don't put the mask in the fridge beforehand. The mask brightened up my complexion and left my skin feeling very hydrated and plumed. Reduced the A LOT of redness, as well as dark circles - did not expect this, so I was pretty wowed. The results lasted for like a day? ^^ The remaining essence absorbed in nicely and did not leave any residue. Very excited to try out the other functions. :')


  • Hydrating
  • Brightening
  • Soothing - reduces redness and dark circles too
  • Absorbs easily and does not leave residue
  • Inexpensive


  • No plastic lining, so be gentle

Rating: 9/10

Would I recommend?

Indeed! A great treat all year round, refreshing during summer and hydrating during winter. It would work well before applying makeup and after a long day of work. I think this mask would be best suited for those with drier skin.

Have you tried any the Innisfree It's Real masks? ^^


  1. I love the cucumber background! Reminds me to buy some face masks...I never tried one from Innisfree before.


  2. a cucumber face mask I find super great, sometimes I put me a slice grucke on the eyes, that's good. =)

  3. You forgot to add that theres a hole for the mouth too :P ahahaha!
    I've tried the strawberry and green tea one from innisfree! honestly i can't really tell the difference between each mask except for the scents, they just make my skin better xD
    I actually prefer no plastic lining lol because im lazy