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August 20, 2015

Shower SHELFie - get the pun? ^.< Photo of the current products I use during and after my showers~

I always talk about my bath experiences in my Lush bath bomb reviews, so I may as well share my shower confidential with you guys. :') This shower routine is a basic one, so that I can quickly refresh myself ready to seize the day ahead. I don't really switch it up apart from shower gels and hair masks. On mornings where I have more time or desire a bit of pampering, I switch over to high end products. Which I shall write about some other time, so this post won't be too long hopefully~ ^^

Starting off from left to right~

• Imperial Leather Enchanting Romance Body Wash - £1.99
I only go for two scents - fruity or seductive florals. Not a huge fan of calming/ocean scents (apart when I'm stressed). Currently loving this shower gel! The key notes to the fragrance are plum blossom and violet, which creates this beautifully seductive scent. Although the plum does reminds me of Christmas, giving me a festive vibe rather than sensual. Along with the lovely scent, it also does a pretty good job at moisturising, so kudos to Imperial Leather!

I was sent this item by femfresh but I actually ended up adoring the product more than I expected. It's so refreshing and soothing, it is now one of my favourite shower essentials! Getting a bit intimate like the wash, femfresh's Daily Intimate Wash is great for taking care of sensitive skin (down below). Just like the rest of your body, it's essential to give some love to even the most sensitive areas of your bodies, which is why femfresh works great since has a fantastic low pH formula to meet the needs of intimate, delicate and sensitive skin easily bothered by perfumes and harsh soap-based cleansers. You can also use this as a body wash or face wash because the formula is that gentle, making it very versatile. ^.<

• Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo - £3.99
My go to drugstore shampoo. I've had my whole head bleached 4 or 5 times in total; how my hair is still in pretty good condition with my constant dying on top, I don't know. But I believe this shampoo plays a little role in helping my hair, the hydration it offers is bliss. It also smells amazing like all Herbal Essences product do. 

• Kao Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask - Rich Premium - £7.90
You may have seen this mask in My Top Hair Mask For Damaged Hair. I don't use conditioner because wellllll this mask plays the main role in keeping my hair alive! My hair feels straw-like when I use conditioner so I like to stick to hair masks. I do use other hair masks too but I always end up running back to this baby. 

• Soap & Co Body Scrub Large Passion Fruit - £44.99
Scrubs and exfoliators are essential to me as I have keratosis pilaris, which is a skin condition where too much keratins builds up, causing the surface of the skin to thicken. Exfoliating dead skins cells and moisturising is a must. On the pricy side, I am yet to find an cheaper alternative body scrub that works as well as Soap & Co's one. Packed with sea salt, minerals and natural moisturising oils, it honestly blesses my skin. I use this before my shower gel, it leaves my skin baby smooth and so hydrated! Loveeeee it~

• Superdrug Cocoa Butter Body Lotion £1.49
I'm not really fussed with body lotions as long as they smell nice. I prefer Superdrug's cocoa over Palmers as it's more light. It moisturises and smells great, but not one of my favourites as I mentioned before I prefer fruity or seductive floral scents. 

Of course sensitive skin also requires care after cleansing too. ^.< To keep fresh throughout the day (especially when mother nature strikes) these are very useful. Also formulated with a gentle and low, pH formula , they do a brilliant job at cleansing, refreshing and soothing. These are almost like baby wipes but it's focused on making your intimate skin happy clean.

• The Body Shop Mango Body Butter £14
Surely everyone knows of the body shop body butters. :') The mango one is formulated for very dry skin, it's very thick, melts, moisturises and nourishes intensely. I love the sharpness of the fresh mango fragrance, can't get enough of it! I don't recommend this during summer though, as it does feel quite heavy.

What are some of your shower/bath essentials? ^^ Show me your SHOWER SHELFie, let's get it trending hue~

*This post is sponsored by: femfresh

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  1. *stalks your blog* ;)

    now we know how you smell like! lol
    love the smell of the herbal essences products! i really like their shampoos ><
    i have the body shop mango body butter and the scrub, and tbh, i really dislike the smell >< a little too strong and like it does feel quite heavy... hahaha

    Judy | Simply MiuYee

    1. Lolol thanks you for stopping by my blog so often! :')

      Maybeee, if my perfume doesn't cover all these lovely scents that is ^.<
      Herbal essences are great aren't they? :')
      Oooo I didn't know they had a mango scrub too :O I agreed with you on the heaviness, think it would be amazing for winter doe. ^^

      Thanks for reading! <3

  2. I love the body shop butters they smell so yummy x
    I followed you hope you follow back great blog xx

    1. Too abd you cant eat them xDD
      Followed you back lovely ^^

  3. Nice products :) Kiss kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  4. wonderful blog, kisses:)

  5. Great post! :)
    That cocoa butter body lotion smells delicious but makes me feel sleepy :/ lol
    Sadly i haven't tried those other products, can't find it in my country where i live in though
    Anyways, thanks for this post! Now i now have ideas how those smells like :D

    1. Thank you~
      hhahah it makes me want to eat chocolate xD
      Ahh thats sucks >< you could try purchasing them online :')
      Thanks for reading~

  6. i use the body shop mango showergel! It smells really good however i find that the smell does tend to wear off after a while, so i might try the mango butter product! Thank you for the helpful review! :)

    1. I've used the strawberry one in the past! :'D i do agree and i find that to be the same case with majority of show gels >.<
      Im going to write a full review on the butter soon :')
      Thanks for reading! ^^

  7. I dont know why but i love your shower selfie, and I always love the bodyshop's product too cause they smell so good <3 Thank you for sharing! :)

  8. aww hun i love this post! i HAVE keratosis pilaris TOO! it's kinda scary stuff :( because atm I'm just using a brush and some shower gel to scrub my body! I'm thinking of getting a good scrub for my arms >:(
    I heard honey+sugar might help, but I've several remedies and it doesn't seem to do the job!
    otherwise I liked how you show all the products you use ^_^

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

    1. High5~ its sucks! makes my skin look like sandpaper if i don't look after it T__T Ooooo hong and sugar, sounds and natural, could that a shot! :')
      Thanks for reading~ ^^

  9. Interesting products... keep in touch hun!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  10. Wth everything looks so neat and clean haha all my shower products are like chilling on my shower floor lol

    1. this is the only clean section xDD the other selves are a messy af >//<