As requested from my ETUDE HOUSE Haul, i'm finally reviewing the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cushion~ ^^ Yes I am ridiculously late into the BB cushion game. I wasn't keen on BB cushions (regardless of the hype), as many have said it only offers low to medium coverage. Cursed with horrible skin, I often run away from products that don't offer medium to high coverage. >//<

During Hong Kong, I tested out many BB Cushions from Laneige to Innisfree and I still wasn't fond of them. How did I end up with the Etude House one? I got persuaded by HK sale assistances aiyaaa~ ;___; Not too fussed about it, since I quite liked this one and found that it offered more coverage than the previous ones I tested. (Plus I was considering it when the sales lady was working her Asian persuasion powers on me, which I guess made her skills super effective? xD)

I purchased their limited edition Dreaming Swan Any Cushion Case in #03 Twinkling Tutu for HK$90 (£7.52) and a Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in #W13 Natural Beige for $98 (£8.19). Both were sold separately. The original pearlescent white case with cushion included was $188 (£15.71), same price so ofc i'm going to get the prettier case. :') Btw, Etude House currently are selling a Mickey Mouse case!

The case is quite bulky since it contains the puff and cushion, still a handy size for traveling and great for touch ups on the go. The puff is non-absorbent so there is minimum product wastage.

The product comes in a porous sponge, so you don't have to worry about the liquid leaking out. One thing I don't like, is that it gets quite messy as you see from the photo above.

I love that case is reusable and how easy it is to change the cushion, just a simple push from the back and wa-la~ Ejected.

The cushion has a multi-function formula that brightens complexion, reduces fine lines, control sebum and protects against environmental stress for a flawless finish. It also has SPF50 and PA+++. There are currently 4 shades available.

Finally plucked up the courage to show my naked face in public. Loads of redness and acne scars. x___x 

Starting off with a clean face after cleansing and my skincare routine. 

Yes, apparently it's completely normal to stare at your products with such fascination... :')

Natural beige is neutral light beige shade. The puff makes application simple and quick, no extra tools required. The puff distributes the product evenly. Just pat away for a flawless airbrushed finish~

It has a watery consistency, very sheer and light, blends into the skin effortlessly. I am looking pretty ghostly, not just because of the lighting but because it has a white cast. The white cast is probably due to the sunscreen; it does fade and oxidise so you won't be looking like the grudge. xD

It dries off into a luminous satin semi-matte finish. Love how it makes my skin look so healthy and dewy! The coverage is build-able, does not cake and looks natural. Not bad; it managed to cover up my redness and evened out my skin tone. My acne scars still peak through, some concealer will cover it up and do the trick. If you have large pore likes me, I do recommend you use a primer first as your pores (although slightly reduced) will still be visible. 

Everyday makeup, without powdering~ It starting to oxidise here.

inb4: No I didn't dye my hair again ;__; I had this colour during Hong Kong. Went through my old selfies so that you can see how it looks when it has fully oxidised. ^^ I do believe I powered my face here so it's not as luminous. Once fully oxidised it has a natural finish, it's almost like a second layer of skin. Can we just talk about how beautifully brightened my complexion looks omg. Hashtag narcissist af. xD

Overall I am lovinggg the Precious Mineral Any Cushion! Such a natural finish (once oxidised), makes appear healthy and moist when in reality it's poop and troubled. So lightweight, it feels like second skin. I was surprised when I wore it in Hong Kong, it didn't melt off my face despite my super oily skin and the hot humid weather. It does transfer a little when a blot my face. Convenient, time saving and great for traveling on the go~ What is there not to love about the cushion? This has changed my opinion on BB cushions and will most likely try more in the future. The Precious Mineral Any Cushion would be great if it's your first time trying out BB cushions, it's more affordable than other cushions on the market and offers lovely results. 

Rating: 9/10

If you want to try it for yourself, you can purchase it from the Etude House site for $21.60 (or from YesStyle for £19.90.

Have you tried any BB cushions yet or are you a late bloomer like me? 


  1. Michelle, you're so pretty even without makeup on ahhhhh ♥
    Judging from your review, this product seems pretty good to use! I'm gonna add it to the list of makeup products I need to get. Thanks for the super detailed review ♥

    1. AWwww youre so sweet! TwT"
      i hope you'll love it as much as I do when you get it! ^___^
      Thanks for reading <3

  2. Really nice review... Omigosh.. The packaging is super cute..!!! :)

  3. The packaging is so cute! I typically stay away from cushions because I'm too lazy to keep patting my face haha but this actually has such a flawless finish, I need to check it out!

    And girl, I'm so jealous that you can always pull off any hair color :x

    1. ikr~ really? i find the patting quite quick :') oooo tell me how you find it when you try it ^__^

      ahhh dont be jealous! im sure you can pull it off too <3

  4. The coverage looks really natural ♥ You look beautiful with your bare skin :))

    x Mishs Beauty Diary

  5. I really like your review a lot :D I'm also using the any cushion, first tried the light beige one, now I changed to the pearl aura ones and as I am really really pale it's actually quite hard for me to find makeup or bb creams that actually fit my skin tone, this one is the first time that it actually fits my skin tone perfectly and I am absolutely in love with the pearl aura cushion *^*. Your cushion case is absolutely adorable, I'm thinking about getting a prettier one too as I only have the usual beige one. I like though that you "actually" don't even really need the case cause the cushion closes perfectly and every refill has a new sponge - but for travel and stuff the case ofc is a lot better :'o

    xoxo, Merce

    1. Thanks for reading! ^__^ ooooo i need to check out the pearl aura one too ^.^ I thought the same, but got it for more safety and aesthetic purposes :')

  6. cute packaging <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. Great post

    Love Vikee

  8. Woah there, thanks for the review! I've been dying to try out BB Cushion but haven't had a chance to purchase. So the finish look definitely has the same dewy look as their Precious Mineral BB Cream? :O
    Btw your hair colors are goals <33

    Nelly | Orijin Heart ♥

    1. Thanks for reading! ^^
      hmm im not sure as i havent tried their BB cream version
      Thank you <3