Inb4: I didn't go Taiwan personally, as there was a typhoon during the week I landed in HK. My friend Ophelia got me these lovely goodies whilst she was there, massive massive thank you! ^__^ <3

Starting off with cosmetics:

  • Cosmos DJ Brand Handmade Eyelashes - DJ-13
  • Sofina Primavista Ange Long Keep Base UV
  • Chanel Illusion D'ombre - 83 Illusoire


  • LoveMore Herba Saussurea Involucrata Revival Mask Sheet
  • LoveMore Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask
  • FaceQ Milk Moisturizing Hand Mask
  • Biore Perfect Mild Cleansing Liquid

So so excited to try these out! Feel like it's been a while since i've last posted; my blog posts are starting to slow down due to my work load, sorries! >//< I will try to start blogging outfits again asap once i've decorated my uni room properly~ ^^

Which products would you like me to review? or got a haul to share, link it in the comments below ^.^

Have a good day~


  1. Taiwan!!!!! The land of my people hehehehe. I hope you get the chance to visit it one day :)
    I'd like to see a review on the Biore cleansing liquid. ♥

  2. Ohhh the products all look so cute *-*

    xoxo, Merce

  3. which all look so great =D

  4. Fabulous haul

    Love Vikee

  5. hi michelle! i missed your blog! it's been two months since i last visited here! anyway, im back blogging and i got a new post on my blog! feel free to stop by!
    -Aiya ♡