Innissfree HK $75 (£6.30)

Most people were interested in the No-Sebum Blur Powder from my Innisfree Haul so here it is! I am yet to try out the original No-Sebum Mineral Powder before I can compare them for you guys. ^^

Inspired by photoshop, Innisfree created a blur variation of their No Sebum Mineral setting powder to blur imperfections for smooth photoshopped-like skin. The Blur cost slightly more than the original Mineral version and is tinted.

It comes with 5g of product and a puff for application. The size makes it travel friendly; this is now a makeup essential I carry around everywhere! 

The powder has lovely minty calming scent~ Fine and soft powder, very gentle on the skin. It's tinted with a natural skin tone colour, it only comes in one shade but should accommodate a range of skin tones as the shade is light and translucent. The tint makes my skin appear slightly brighter too.

Starting off with already applied BB cream~ I didn't use a base/primer so that you could see the effects.

I prefer to use a brush instead of the puff given. I simply shake the powder into the cap, pat my MAC powder brush on the dispensed product and then swipe to apply and set my makeup.


I have really large pores, as you can see from the photo above my pores have noticeably "blurred" and appear smaller. My skin texture looks smoother too. Although my skin isn't completely flawless, photoshopped effects in real life omg YASSSS. ( I want the Etude House Face Blur now! *^*)

Performance wise, it keeps my super oily face matte and controls oils for hours - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The best setting powder i've tried so far! My face usually gets oily again after 3-4 hours but this powder is seriously the bomb. I 100% recommend it to my oily skin friends, it's super affordable too, so no harm in giving it a try~ :')

Rating: 10/10

Which setting powder are you currently using? ^__^
Let me know in the comment below~


  1. Thank you for this review ^^

  2. Wow, I think the powder looks amazing ;_;

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  4. Wao, I love how it can be suitable for a wide range of skin colors!!!!
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