I AM SLEEP DEPRIVED 24/7. I've always been one to pull constant all-nighters due to my busy schedule. Now that i'm at uni, (I fricking love it here and i'm going to casually persuade you kiddies to apply for Lancaster Uni because it's amazing and ranked top 10! ^.<) i'm even more sleep deprived. 50% is due to constant partying/nights out (hue~), while the rest is due to programming, solving mathematics questions, daily life maintenance and all the in betweens. Rather than dark circles, I have 50 shades of exhaustion under my ever so lovely eye bags. My friend Jess gifted me these as she wanted me to review these cute eye masks from Tony Moly~ Are these eye patches the solution to dark circles? Time to find out~

It comes in a simple packaging with an adorable panda print, great for traveling. The eye patches have a whitening formulation that brightens skin around the eye area after usage and improve dark circles. It contains cucumber, potato and bamboo extracts - all well known ingredients that help to smooth eyes.

It doesn't have a specific scent, it just smells "fresh". The patches come on a plastic sheet, you simply take off the patch and apply it to your eyes. The material is quite thick so it adheres to the skin nicely, however the patches do slip sometimes as there is a lot serum. The huge size of the patch doesn't really help either.

There's a lovely refreshing and cooling sensation when you apply it. Very gentle and does not cause any irritation. The patches are moist and drenched in a watery gel-like serum . There are flaps that you can open up, so that you can see. I left them closed so that it can moisturise my eye lids too because why not?

I left this on for 15 minutes, there was some residue when I took the patches off. The residue took a while before it fully absorbed into my skin (thats why I forgot to take an after use/results photo, sorry!) I don't recommend you to use this during the morning, if you're in a rush.

As for the results, i've used 5 sheets now and there is not any noticeable difference. It did moisturise the skin area but thats just about it. My eye area did not brighten nor were my dark circles improved. I would describe the patches as "meh" - not a terrible product but not partially good either.

Rating: 4/10

If you want to try out these patches yourself, its available on Amazon and eBay for around £9.26 ($14.18) for 10 sheets.

Have you tried any products from Tony Moly's Panda Dream line? ^__^ If so, what did you think of them?


  1. I've always been curious of these because they're everywhere! Thanks for the review so now I'll know to avoid in the future >_<


    1. I see the cool stick one everywhere but didnt know these were too!
      Thanks for reading~

  2. the looks funny but also interesting ^^


    1. ah they are quite funny and cute at the same time ^^

  3. Omg, these are so cute!!! Thanks for the heads up that they don't work! I've seen them in stores and been tempted to get them cus they look hilarious but it'd be a waste of money. :/
    Thanks for the review!

    1. your welcome~ so many cute products but sucks they dont work Dx
      thanks for reading ^^