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As promised, a detailed review of the Schwarzkopf Ultra Bright dye in Purple Punk! ^^ I've been committed to pink hair for over a year now, so I wanted to switch it up to fully lilac. Note I said fully lilac because at one point I had a lilac and pink ombre (scroll down my instagram @MishCheungX to see). Getting started with the review~

Contents in the box: 

  • Semi Permanent Hair Dye
  • 2x Sachet of Caring Shine Conditioner
  • Instruction Leaflet and Gloves

Hair Dying Process:

I diluted the dye with conditioner until I got my desired colour, then left it on my hair for 30 minutes. The consistency of the dye is much thicker than typical semi permanent hair dyes. So if you don't mix the dye-conditioner mixture properly there will be clumpy bits of dye in the mixture, which will make your hair patchy. You can watch my video to see the technique I used to prevent getting a clumsy mixture.

Btw the dye will stain your hands so please wear the gloves provided or your own! ^^

Hair Before: Bleach Blonde

Hair After: Lilac Roots and Pink Hair

The dye came out a lavender pink colour on sections of my hair that was light blonde and lilac on my roots which were platinum. Although the results aren't uniform due to my hair beforehand, I really like the colour~ The colour lasted me for 3/4 weeks so 6-8 washes. I've already been through 3 boxes, so I would likely to keep repurchasing and deffo recommend this. ^^

Rating: 8/10

Lemme know in the comments what you think and what colour you think I should go next! ^.^


  1. Dying hair is so confusing and complicated omg >< I really like how you keep trying new colors c:
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. its actually not that complicated once youve done it a few times ^^ thank you xD I just get bored really easily~

  2. I love the final product~! I've wanted to try pastel hair, but I'm nervous to try it <33

    1. thank you ^^ you should deffo try it one day! life is short and plus hair grows back so its not the end of the world if it messes up :')

  3. wow the color turns so pretty >3< love the pastel hair.
    wanna try this product too ^^

  4. gorgeous hair <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. Hi dear, gorgeous hair
    xoxo <3