Poundland £1

Long time no review ayeee, apologises being for MIA but damn are uni group projects hectic! Anyway today i'll be reviewing this Coconut Water Conditioner by Xpel Hair Care as requested by a few of you from my most recent haul. ^^ I got this from Poundland so yes this baby was only £1 *yassssss absolute bargain* #livingstudentliferight

Product Description:

I'm always on the look for new hair products, hoping they'll do wonders to my hair because who doesn't want luscious lock? I instantly fell in fell with this when I smelt it. Love at first sniff ahhaha. The scent of the conditioner is amazing! It's a really rich and indulging creamy coconut scent - LOVE IT! <3

The consistency of conditioner is quite runny and applies nicely onto your hair. It managed to provide a decent amount of hydration to my hair, my hair wasn't silky and smooth hair after use but it wasn't straw like either. I expected that since my hair is severely dry from bleaching and I normally have to use hair masks/treatments in placement of normal conditioner. (Incase if you're wondering why I purchased contionder then, I got it for diluting hair dye~ ^^).

If you have normal unbleached hair, I think this could be a great product for you. ^^  The quality is not bad at all for its price and would be great for those on a budget. Overall an average conditioner with a lovely pleasant coconut scent.

Rating: 6/10

Have you tried out any new hair or coconut products? ^^


  1. great post have a lovely weekend, hope everything is going well with uni although its rough at times it will be worth it

  2. This is Great for just £1 !

  3. Yep, sometimes uni projects are really time consuming.. This conditioner sounds great.. =)

  4. thanks for this great post =)

    Giveaway of my blog =)

  5. Even just reading the name of this conditioner makes my hair feel softer already >_<


    1. hahaha coconut water does sound really good doesn't it :')

  6. Woah for £1 that's awesome! May have to be making a trip to poundland...