About to slay a bxtch but first pizza or carviar? #firstworldstruggles #lifedecisions 

This pullover sweater from Dresslink is currently my new fave! I'll admit, i've probably worn this 2 or 3 times this week oopps. The graphic print and geometric pattern reminds me of Japanese and Korean street style, absolutely love it! *^* I styled it with a face masks to add some bad ass vibe and kick~ Sweater/jumper dresses are my go to pieces when I'm in a rush or feeling lazy because I can look stylish effortlessly. The dress is only available in one-size, which is suppose to fit all but I think it would be tight on medium or above. I do wish the dress was slightly more oversized like they've shown on the model but I love it nevertheless. ^^

Outfit Details:

❥ Dress: (*sponsored by Dresslink)

What's your go to fashion item? ^.^


  1. Fabulous post
    You look amazing

    Love Vikee

  2. Cool!
    I can't really choose as it depends of the occasion, I love both :)
    Happy weekend!

    1. sameeee, ill probably end up putting some caviar on the pizza xDD

  3. Jumpers are my go-to piece of clothing too. I only wish I could wear them year round, but it gets so damn hot here :< We only go one week of winter weather, which is horrible. Haha, I hate when it's one size and not big enough for me! Very curious about how that pizza caviar tastes like tho~


    1. Theyre just so warm and comfy! xD
      Im so jelly! The UK is cold most of the time Dxxx we only get like 2 months of summer ;___;
      Sameee, need to try it one day xD