I believe clay masks are an essential item regardless of your skin type as they help heal your skin and detox it by absorbing any impurities. Today I'll be reviewing this baby here, it's a complete gem!

This clay mask is made with black clay extracted from Belarus's ponds, black oxide, nutmeg extract and 90% natural essences. Black clay is rare and rich with high contents of silicon, titanium minerals and other properties that help purify, improve skin tone and renew cells. The mask's main function is to balance the moisture in your skin and control excess sebum to keep your skin feeling fresh~

The mask applies very smoothly onto my face; a thin layer does the trick and a little product goes a long way, so this will last you for ages! The consistency of the mask is thick yet lightweight and has a creamy velvet texture. It doesn't slip or run down my face, which is great as I can carry on doing my normal activities without having to worry about it. ^^ 

Got my mask on with my woes~ #SquadTings. I like to leave the mask on for 10 minutes, sometimes 15 if I have the extra time. You know when the mask ready, as it will slightly tighten your face when it has dried. It doesn't feel stiff at all~ After that. I rinse my face gently and pat it dry.

I love how it leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and baby butt smooth. My pores feel tighten, look smaller and my overall complexion is more radiant and evened after use. *^* It does leave a little redness after I've rinsed it off but it goes away quickly. Absolutely love love love this mask, I think it would do wonders for those with oily and acne prone skin! It would be great for those with sensitive skin too as its very gentle compared to other clay masks. Definitely recommend this! New go to baby~ ^__^

Rating: 9.5/10

Completely irrelevant but omg I love the squad picture~ xD Do you share masks with your friends too? ^^


  1. I laughed so hard watching you trio wearing the masks togethe and taking a selfie. Soo adorable! Thanks for the review.