Its been while~ I'm working now and ngl a job is a lot more time consuming than I expected. Anyway today is going to be a hair post as its been foreverrrr since i've reviewed a hair product. I'm loyal to products that I enjoy using but it's finally time for me to try out a different brand of bleach! Schwarzkopf is my go to drugstore brand for hair dye (if you couldn't tell by my multiple reviews on them hurhur) as they always deliver good results and since the Intense Lightener is a new product,  it's perfect for me to test out. :')



First I mixed the developer and lightening cream together. I like that it uses a lightening cream as it makes bleaching more even. I then mixed in the blonde bleach boosting powder until the consistency was nice and smooth. This kit reminds of one of the first bleach products i've used - Gatsby Ex Hi Bleach

I applied to mixture evenly to my roots only and left it on for one hour. Lastly I rinsed out the bleach and using the given after treatment. I really liked the treatment as it has a lovely uplifting citrus scent and did a decent moisturising job. ^^


Super dark virgin asian black roots to non-brassy blonde roots. 

I love how good this bleach is! It lifted my hair nicely, more than other bleaches I have used and without damaging my hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE~ I will need to double bleach if I want my roots to be platinum but i'm happy with how much it lifted already. Definitely recommend this, it does the job and is super affordable for those that don't want to spend $$$ at salons. 

Rating: 10/10 <3

Can you guess what colour i'm dying my hair next? :')


  1. I feel like it's a sign that I read this right now since I am actually off to the store to buy some bleach right now. I plan on bleaching my roots tomorrow, but I'm a little worried that I won't be able to apply it evenly all around :/ how do you do it?! Yours look perfect. I'm sure I won't be able to find this brand anywhere here in the states though, ughhh. Hehe, I'll just let myself be surprised with your new color, I'm sure you'll look great regardless what it is tho~

  2. Beautiful color:) love it!

  3. i have never tried bleaching my hair by myself, i'd go to the salon but they charge so expensive! T_T i need to get my hands on this and try it! Hope tey have it in my place boo


  4. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  5. I really need to bleach my roots so badly! I don't trust myself to bleach my own hair anymore haha I'm glad this product worked for you though, and it did such an amazing job for a one time application.
    I remember my friend used this brand before to dye his red dyed hair back to black and it didnt work at all hahaha he probably did something wrong