In memories of my university room, here is my uni room tour! I LOVEEE WATCHING ROOM TOURS so ofc I had to do my own! If you also have a uni room tour, please share it with me~ :') If you're not in university yet or are in the processing of choosing a place to live; your accommodation and the people you live with will contribute hugely to your university experience, so here are a few of my tips for choosing the ideal accommodation! 

  • Social? If you prefer to live in a social environment, go for accommodations that are shared or have a common room. Town houses most of the time are also party houses ^.< In my experience I discovered that people who live in ensuite rooms often stay in their rooms and only come out when needed - such as for cooking or going to lectures. So there isn't as much interaction after freshers week. There's nothing wrong with that btw! because vice versa, if you prefer to not be social then go for a ensuite room. ^^
  • Tour It! Visit accommodations if you can during open days! But if you can't, most universities have 360 tours on their website or have Youtube videos. My uni does but also check out room tours videos that students (like me, shameless plug) have shared. They give you a more personal insight into what the accommodation are like and you can ask those Youtuber for more information if you want. :')
  • Location? Don't forget to check the location of the accommodation! If its a campus university, which accommodation is closest to your department or where your lectures are held? Find that out so your uni life will be more convenient and you will less likely to be late. ^.< If its a city university, find which campus you will be studying at and choose one that is close to your campus. I know this sounds obvious but I have some friends that travel across the city everyday because they didn't check which campus/location! Traveling long distances is very tedious and that's a NO NO. 

Hope you found this helpful! xo
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  1. Hi! I just checked out your youtube channel - i love your videos!

  2. Ahh, you're too cute with your kitty ears <333 Omg, I laughed so much when I saw your huge rice bag! If I lived by myself during my Uni years, I'm positive I would have such a big bag laying around as well, haha. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to have an alcohol stash >_< everything was always drank and finished by the end of the night (or early mornings). Good luck with moving out!

  3. It seems a great idea to do a tour for future students, I would have loved to see yours like this when I went to choose a collage in uni :)
    Happy week xxx

  4. Cool video:) You are very pretty:)

  5. your room like it
    and the great posters also like it very much ^^