RoseWholesale was super generous and send me a few clothing items! So today i'll be sharing the stuff I picked out and reviewing them for you guys~ The store has so so so many items (very overwhelming for someone thats indecisive xD). My package arrived in 2 weeks. I love that RoseWholesale offers not just different types of shipping methods but shipping insurance as well! So if anything happens to your order, they'll reship another one out to you! ^^ Awesome~ Let's start:

Tie Backless Stripe Letter Sweatshirt 

I first picked this navy and white striped sweater. This sweater gives off some Korean fashion vibes so I was like yasss, need this in my life. It has "GO FOR IT!" printed down one side of the sleeve, daily motivation for you aye. I love the cute tied back detailing of the sweater, however please dont wear this in the cold or wear a crop top under because I WAS FREEZING! Otherwise, love it and the quality is great. 

Ripped Crop Top

Channeling my inner Yeezy fashion with this khaki ripped top. It's also available in black~ Edgy and casual? Screams ME ME ME all over, my favourite item out of the 3 I got! I love adore anything that's ripped, cropped or has cut outs. Note that the material is quite thin though. 

Casual Style Long Sleeve Sweatshirt

Last item~ ^^ I love a good bargain and if its super cute as well, then double the yes it's won me over. Can you believe this sweater top cost only $5???? Yet the quality is still good! Loving the casual and atheistic vibes, great for them lazy day outfits. 

That's it for my try on haul~ RoseWholesale are currently running Christmas giveaway where you can win discount codes or store points to spend in store. The giveaway is really fun because you chose and click a bubble ball on the Xmas to enter and win. You can try and have a go yourself~

They also have Christmas flash sales on items that are different every few days. (Damn do I love all the discounts during holiday season! <3) Don't forget to check them out and you can like their Facebook page for updates! ^^

Few more days until Christmas, who's excited? ^^

*Items Sponsored By: RoseWholesale


  1. You look great!

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. You look fantastic Dear, great outfits:)

  3. Very stylish look ) Thanks for sharing )

  4. You look so cool!
    I love the baseball sweater top <3

    1. thank you~
      ahhh it seems to be everyones favourite, its even sold out now!

  5. omg, you are soooooo beautiful *.* ♥♥♥ I love your style :))
    third outfit I like the most *.*
    Happy New Year!

    1. awwww thank you lovely! <33 happy new year to you too :) x