First day of December, count down to Christmas begins! First item i'm going to review from the cute package Sampure Minerals sent me is their Nourishing Long-Lasting Lipstick. I use matte liquid lipsticks almost every day nowadays, so it's a a nice change to have a lipstick that isn't drying and has a satin finish.

The lipstick contains natural nourishing ingredients - jojoba oil, Shea butter and minerals to moisturise your lips and make them softer. The texture is very creamy and hydrating so I really like that.

There are 10 shades available, I have it in Pretty Pink. When I first swatched the lipstick, surprisingly it appeared quite sheer, as you can see above. However once it's applied onto the lips, the colour is more pigmented. 

The colour is gorgeous and I think it's one of those colours that will go well with all skin tones. It has a lot of shimmer, giving it semi metallic finish. The pigmentation is good, you can apply one layer for a sheer wash to enhance your lips or build it up for full coverage. 

The only downside to this lipstick is that due to its texture, it rubs off whenever you eat or drink so you will need to touch up throughout the day. It leaves a little pink stain on my lips too (which I personally like, so when it rubs off theres still some colour on my lips). It lasted 5-6 hours without touch up, so for the long lasting factor? I would say no compared to liquid lipsticks which last all day. Nevertheless, I still like this lipstick and think it's a nice treat. ^^

❥  Rating: 7/10

Disclaimer: This product was sent by Sampure Minerals


  1. The color is really beautiful:)
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  2. The colour is amazing ^-^

  3. I really like lipsticks like this! Hope you enjoy!
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  4. Beautiful colour

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  5. love this post! i hope you have an amazing day :D