Hope everyone had a lovely xmas! I've been starting to use more bold colours so that I can create more experimental and fun looks! I decided to get a yellow eye shadow as I had a festival makeup in mind I wanted to try out (yes I know it's winter but I just really love festival makeup!). I chose this one from Clarins since it has a matte finish and I enjoy using their skincare products. However i'm not particularly happy about this eyeshadow...


One layer of swatch, using my finger. I'm sorry, Clarins but where is the pigmentation??? Using a brush isn't any better either.

Quite disappointed with pigmentation. I had to layer it 4 times for the its full opacity to show. 

Performance on the eyes~ I pat the eyeshadow onto my eyelids so that it would show up more. The shadow itself was quite powdery and had some fall outs. I can't say if the other shades also underperform or not since I don't others and have not tested them out.

While I don't like to bash brands or products, I will mention when products do not perform well and need to step up their game. For a high end brand like Clarins, it's a shame this eyeshadow doesn't live up to the quality of their skincare products. It's definitely not worth the price either and I would not recommend it. Your'e better off saving yourself some money and getting a drugstore one that mostly will perform the same or even better. The only thing I like is the tiny brush it comes with, even though I am unlikely to use it.

Rating: 2/10 - It's a no no from me.