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I'm singing my blue ueee ueee~ Singing Big Bang - Blue because today i'm reviewing blue circle lenses! i.Fairy Siberian lenses in Blue from LensVillage.

► Lens Care & Info: 

As always, If you've never worn lenses before I highly recommend you to this read this guide! ^^ *Always soak your lenses in solution for at least overnight before wearing them. Each lens purchase comes with a free cute animal case as well.

► Colour & Pattern: 3.5/5

From the lens pattern, I did expect the lenses to be a lighter blue. They come out a medium blue on my dark brown eyes. A nice subtle colour to enhance your eyes and you get a pretty blue ring around your iris from the whites of your eyes peaking through. In darker lighting the grey tones are more obvious making it appear like grey lenses. Printscreen below from my most recent Youtube video to show you guys the greyish tones. 

► Enlargement: 3/5

The lenses are 15mm and have an effect diameter of 16.2mm. The enlargement is noticeable however it doesn't have that 16.2mm effect, I could easily tell these are 15mm. Probably because it has a natural libal ring and not a solid black one. 

► Comfort: 4.5/5

I wore these for 10-11 hours, towards the last 2 hours it did start to feel a bit dry so I needed to take them out (but it's not recommend to wear them more than 6-8 hours anyway ^.<). So these did pretty good! Didn't experience any irritation/discomfort beside that drying towards the end. 

► Overall: 

I did expect the colour to be lighter but nevertheless I still like these lenses and have been wearing them quite often. These are the most natural circle lenses I currently own~ The subtle colour makes your eyes really pretty and I actually like that it sometimes appear grey in certain lighting. And kudos for the super long wear even though they're not mean to be worn for that long!

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