There has been a massive craze over rainbow and magical cosmetics over the last few months and i've finally got my hands on these super cool and aesthetics af makeup brushes from Zaful! From the colour scheme of these brushes I thought they would of been from Tarte cosmetics but they're surprisingly not! Let's jump right into a quick review of these brushes~

I can't get over how gorgeous these mythical brushes are! THESE BRUSHES ARE EVERYTHING!

The brush bristles are made from from synthetic hair that are amazingly soft and dense, ngl its the softest makeup brushes I own. In case you're wondering I normally use MAC brushes, but i'm not really fond of them as I think the bristles are quite rough. I haven't experience any bristle fall out yet with these yet. The brush handles are my favourite part, it has stunning metallic chrome finish with geometric groves. I love the colour theme, it reminds me more of a magical galaxy rather than unicorn. But if you prefer a classic unicorn theme thats a pastel rainbow bristles with an opalescent twirled unicorn handle, then Zaful also have those available too. 

I have the brushes in the 10 piece set. It's also available in a 7 piece set. I decided to get the 10 piece set, since it was only like 2 dollars extra. But do I really need them? Nahhh but they're too gorgeous okay. The set contains 4 large brushes for the face and 6 smaller ones for the eyes and lips. I think it would of been better if it came with a fan brush instead of two blush/power brushes. I absolutely love these brushes and have been using everyday. I do recommend these are the quality is great and well made. Can we mention how amazing the price is as well? If you want check out these brushes I have linked them below~

What do you think of magical or unicorn themed cosmetics? Yay or nay? ^^

*Item sponsored by: Zaful


  1. Really great brushes:) Love it:)

  2. omg they are soo prettyyyyyyyy >3<)//// they also quiet affordable . I want themmmm

    1. ikr! its even prettier in person, deffo should get them ^.<

  3. Beautiful brushes!

    Have a nice day! :)