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Very, very excited to share this post with guys because I finally got a microdermabrasion treatment done! Remember all the PMD hype? So after learning about all the different skin treatments and cosmetic procedures Beyond Beauty Birmingham has to offer at their Blogmas event, I had a consultation done was recommended by the Beyond Beauty team to get a Microdermabrasion treatment done as it helped with my skin concerns most. I have loads of scars and pigmentation left over from my acne. They take forever to fade away as my melatonin levels are ridiculously high, even a simple scratch results in dark brown scaring!

Before the treatment I had to fill in some documents and was welcomed some lovely green tea. No fizz and cocktails today because we're looking after our skin here!

What is Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion and its benefits?:

Some information before I get into the process~ Microdermabrasion is a non chemical treatment that removes the outer layer of the dead skin to reveal the healthy skin underneath. It also promotes the production of new skin cells, to improve the skins texture and appearance. So it's a great treatment for those want to remove scars, have acne prone skin or sun damaged skin, uneven skin texture etc.

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion is currently the latest and more advanced version of microdermabrasion technology. Diamond is less harsh than crystal tips, so it's gentle and doesn't damage/drag the skin.

Treatment Procedure:

This is the room I did the procedure in~ First, Laura the Beauty Therapist prepped my hair back and covered me so that no residue would get over me. Laura then used Dermalogica's Professional Pre-cleanse and Special Cleansing Gel to clean and remove any oily debris off my face. It was so relaxing - the Pre-cleanse is oil based and with Laura doing a face massage, felt like I was in heaven.

Moving on to using the Derma Co machine~ Laura then used the second circular silver tool, which heats up to open up the pores. Don't worry, it's doesn't burn and in fact is quite pleasuring like when you put a nice warm mug on your face on a cold winter day. 

Time for the exciting part, removing the dead skin! I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of my face during the procedure because hello there's something sucking on my face, so safety comes first. Using the diamond tip suction tool, Laura worked her way round my face and neck, to ensure all the dead skin was removed and that there was no overlap. You don't want to overlap and remove too much skin as it can irritate and injure it. To my surprise, it was very very gentle and does not feel like sandpaper scratching my face. 

Once that was complete, Laura then applied a really cooling gel and used the cooling tool on my face to close up the pores. Yasss it was basically facial session. Who said microdermasion treatments were all machinery work?

Since I was getting the full Microdermabasion package treatment done, Laura then did a LED Light Therapy treatment. Which emits different light frequencies to target skin concerns such as acne and pigmentation issues, stimulate collagen for brighter and more plumped skin etc.

To finished off the treatment, she applied Dermalogica's Professional Ultra-calming Range - Mist, Complex and Concentrate to calm my skin down and reduce any redness. All products were applied in the order of the photo above.

The Results:


I try to stay away from showing my complete bare face but here we are. So this is my face before going out my house to Beyond Beauty Birmingham.

After Day 1:

Back in my house right after the treatment. My skin feels unbelievably soft and there are noticeable results. I had to avoid touching my face because it was very sensitive after the treatment, my face felt raw much similar to a minor sunburn kind of feeling. The skincare products I normally use, irritated my skin.

Day 2:

Recovering, skin is still sensitive but is clearer than Day 1.

Day 3:

Still in recovery stage but my face is less sensitive and looks pretty much the same as Day 2. I found that using Vitamin E skin oil was very gentle and helped my skin a lot. 

Day 4:

Wooo my face isn't as sensitive and back to using normal skincare products. I still used Vitamin E skin oil since it helps with scarring. Skin is even more clearer. 

Day 5:

Think I am done recovering here. Though there are still scars, it has noticeably faded. My skin texture and skin tone has improved as well. I've also noticed that my skin is less oily than before which i'm very happy about!

Overall i'm trill with the treatment and results. I definitely need to go back to Beyond Beauty and do microdermasion has a routine thing to fade my stubborn scares even more! Laura and the Beyond Beauty team were amazing and so lovely! They answered every questions I had and gave me expert advice on looking after my skin. I wholehearted 100% recommend them. - 10/10.

If you want to check them out:

Location: 94 Broad Street, City Centre, Birmingham, B15 1AU

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*Disclaimer: This is was complementary treatment to share my experience.