For my waifu - Jess's 21st birthday we went to Macro Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar & Grill in Birmingham for a cute meal and some cheeky cocktails~ The restaurant is located near the Mailbox in The Cube. The table had to be booked in advanced (note they charge a fee per person), luckily we managed to get one and upgraded to a window seat last minute! Yasss winning~ Anyway lets get started with food, shall we. ^^

► Steakhouse / Food:

For drinks we got one of my absolute all time favourite beverages - Fentman's Rose Lemonade. Can't believe she has never tried it before, it's so good! To be fair, I discovered the it in a pub in Lancaster so what can I say lol. Anyway, it's will not disappoint you! It's refreshing, has wonderful hint of rose that's doesn't overpower the lemonade. It's a great non-alcoholic alternative to champagne or wine. 

Jess selected the Sirloin Steak which is served with Homemade French Fries and the Classic Steakhouse Green Salad. With Peppercorn Sauce in addition. For a British steak it was okay, could do with some seasoning.

I went for the Wheeler's Fish Curry with Mango and Coriander as I thought the combination of flavour would be interesting. Which surprisingly, the mango works in harmony with the sauce. The curry had to two types of fish - salmon and haddock, as well as tiger prawns in it. A nice variety of ingredients for different textures. The curry sauce is mild and creamy so it doesn't overpower the flavour of the fish or mango. Served with buttered rice on the side, which I wasn't particularly fond of. The rice was hard, so it tasted half cooked? Could do some improvements on that. I think herbed rice would of been a nice pairing. The dish was mediocre, i'm not crazy over it and I don't dislike it either.

Marco Pierre White were super cute and gave us a little something extra~ Their service is top notch, the staff were just friendly and warming. A little funny story, I accidentally said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Birthday to Jess, when she was blowing the candle off her birthday cake, RIP me. In Chinese, Merry Christmas (聖誕快樂) and Happy Birthday (生日快樂) are very similar sayings okayyy. P.S Merry Christmas again if you're reading this Jess. ^.< <3

► The Bar:

Finished off the night in the bar area with a couple of cocktails, enjoying the city night view. Even though the food was average, no one can deny how stunning the view is! Instagram worthy af. The cocktails look the same but one is actually a mocktail - Virgin Colada and the other is your typical Pina Colada. Have a guess which one is which. ^.< These were overpriced af but it tasted damn good.

► Overall

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar & Grill is definitely a spectacular place for enjoying a luxurious atmosphere and experiencing the Birmingham skyline in a 360 degree view. Food wise, it was average and nothing special. It could do better with the fine dining price they charge. I do recommend the bar, if you don't mind splurging on drinks and enjoy a nightclub kind of vibe. At Macro Pierre White, you're paying for the view and experience rather the food/drink itself. Nevertheless, it was still a lovely and memorable occasion.