I tend to avoid nude and tan lipsticks, nail polishes or just nude/tan anything because they make me look washed out and just do not look good with my skin tone. But I was really intrigued by this nail polish Sampure Minerals sent me because I don't own anything similar to this colour. Their polishes also won the Pure Beauty Awards 2016, so it must be really good right? Let's see how it performs!

► Product

I received the polish in their Nail Polish Set 1, which comes with 3 different shades - Harmonic Tan, Raspberry Cupcake and Juicy Pomegranate. You can also get this individually too~

It comes with 11ml of product. It has a flat brush applicator so you can apply the polish with precision. As alway, Sampure Minerals' products are cruelty free, halal certified and vegetarian certified. 

► Swatch

I applied two coats of polish. The polish is pigmented so even though it's a light colour one coat is enough. However I did find the first coat to be a bit streaky, applying a second coat smoothed it out for an even glossy finish. I haven't tried their other shades yet so I can't say if it is the same for the other shades.

The shade is a neural toned tan that's not too cool or pinky. I really like the stone undertone it has!

► Overall

Overall I am digging this shade! This is the perfect tan shade for me! It's a unique shade, I haven't seen anything like it. I love the flat brush, as it make applying the polish so much easier and faster. As I mentioned before, the first coat was slightly streaky so you will need to apply two coats. Which I don't mind since I normally apply two coats anyway. But if you're not a fan of that and you're still interested in the polish, I recommend you to go to a Sampure counter to try it yourself and their other shades. ^^

Rating: 7/10

Disclaimer: Product was sent by Sampure Minierals 


  1. Perfect nude color:)


  2. Nice Nude! I have similar from Golden Rose.
    Come in and visit, new designs published.
    Svet In The Sky

    1. Thank you! oooo ill have to check that one out ^^