Going on vacay is always a good excuse to purchase new products right? I picked up a few Lee Stafford products when I was in Australia as it's quite hyped by bloggers. We have Lee Stafford in the UK as well, but it just worked out to be cheaper in AUS. (For my UK lovelies, you can get it from Amazon or Boots). I got the Breaking Hair Conditioner, Treatment and Detangling Spray. Today i'll be reviewing the conditioner first~ ^^ I believe they renamed the Breaking Hair range to Fix It instead; the product descriptions and ingredients are still the same.

► Product Description:

The Breaking Hair (Fix It) range is specifically made for those with damage and over-processed hair caused by styling and colouring. Yeppp these product was screaming at me because I am constantly bleaching my hair non stop. It's suppose to help repair and rehydrate your hair to make it smooth and healthy again.

► Review:

It has a creamy and runny consistency. The scent is quite a hard one to describe, I would say it smells like men's cologne. You can smell it quite strong in the shower. I personally prefer fruity scents but my friends seem to like it and have complimented it.  

► Results:

I have used this conditioner over one month now. My hair was noticeably softer and shiner after first usage. However, I feel like the conditioner just coats my hair rather than hydrating it. My hair feels soft and manageable after using it on the first day. On the second day, my hair feels dry and crispy. Let's not even mention third day hair because if I have reached that point, I probably had slapped on tons of leave in conditioners and oils into my hair. I really wanted to like this product because the softness after feels amazing! The results just didn't last which was disappointing. I haven't noticed much difference with reduced breakage either. The conditioner may work wonders for you/others but from my personal experience it didn't hold up to the claims. So I rate this product 3.5/10.