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I discover the Schwarzkopf Lightener and Twist when I was in Superdrug was like yassss a product that lightens your hair up to 4 shades and tones it to a cute pastel colour, i've got to try it! There are 4 colours available - Lilac, Rose, Peach and Blonde. I opted out for Cool Lilac instead of Cool Rose since i've had pink hair for one and a half year, i'm over my pink hair days for now. But anyway enough rambling, let's get started with the review~

► Product:

The box comes with a developer, colour cream, instructions, gloves and instructions. It's recommend for people with blonde hair, not sure if they mean naturally blonde hair? But it works on bleached blonde hair as well. I mixed the developer and colour cream, then applied the product to my hair to develop for 30 minutes.

► Hair Before Dyeing:

I had lilac hair prior dyeing it. It's very patchy which I was not fond of at all, hence why I decided to go over with the lightener hoping to even it out. 

► Results - Hair After:

Happy and very impressed with the results! As you can see the colour matches the box accurately. The colour is a lovely silver lilac colour. I love how subtle the lilac is. It's slightly warmer than the lilac I had before dyeing it. In darker lightening it looks silver, which I am absolutely in love with. I was quite skeptical before dyeing it as I read some reviews where the colour came out quite pink. Luckily that wasn't the case for me.

► Overall:

I'm definitely going to be using these more in the future and hope that Schwarzkopf release more colours. I'm going to be ditching semi permanent dyes for these! It saves time as it's a 2 in 1 process. The colour comes out more even than applying semi permanent dyes over bleached/blonde hair. It did lighten my hair. I can't say how this would work on darker hair as I didn't have any regrowth to test it out on. Only downside I have to say, is that it did slightly dry out my hair. Which should be fine after a few hair treatments but please keep that in mind if you have dry or damage hair. 

► Rating: 7/10