Today I filmed a very different video from my usual KPop and Beauty videos. I'm sure most of us have heard of the dating app Tinder, which people often use for hookups and the occasional date. I decided to download the app myself to a gain insight to the Tinder world and to see if it really lives up to the reputation it has.

I found it quite funny how ridiculously direct some people were, while some approached online dating with cute messages. In the video I read the range of Tinder messages I received publicly. So watch the video and enjoy the journey using Tinder with me~ ^^ Just a note - I found that people who approached Tinder by sending pick up lines or cute messages first, ended up unmatching when they don't get what they want. So don't fool for those people that beat around the bush to hide their intentions. I find it hard to believe people find their true love (maybe the few exceptional 1% because my friend actually did) when its very clear people use the app for that one thing.