Jamie's Italian were super lovely and invited me to try out their scrumptious Super Lunch Menu, which is an amazing deal where you can chose to have a two or three course lunch. I went for the 3 course because I love me some good dessert! You've got to read until the end because dessert is always the best part of course!

► Atmosphere:

The restaurant is located in the Bullring, so you get a lovely view of Birmingham's well known funky/curvy architecture. The atmosphere is super chilled, I adored the open and relaxing vibe it gave off. Friendly staff and great service to top it off, definitely makes it the perfect place for lunch. 

► Drinks:

As it's summer, the waitress recommend us to try out the Watermelon Mojito which I believe is their summer edition of the original Jamie's Mojito. If you're expecting your usual sharp mojito cocktail, this is something different. The watermelon flavour is calming, the Prosecco gives it a little bubble while the lime and mint gives it a hint of freshness. It's a nice drink if you're in the mood something relaxing yet refreshing. I personally prefer fruity drinks so next time I think i'll go for their Peach & Apricot Collins cocktail.

► Starters:

For starters my food buddy - Tom went for Fritto Misto which is crispy fried fish and squid (sustainable sourced). I love that more restaurants are going with sustainably source ingredients. He said it was wonderful and it really made him want to go the beach. If you are after a starter that's insta worthy or gives you vacation vibes, Fritto Misto is a good choice.

I opted out for the Truffle Tagliatelle, which is pasta served with an incredible truffle butter and aged parmesan cheese. Topped with more shaved black truffle to finish off. The truffle butter was silky, had the perfect amount of rich truffle flavour that wasn't overpowering or underwhelming. Just amazing! I've always want try to truffle from watching Buzzfeed's Worth It series as they're always eating truffle, caviar or gold! Oh btw, when you try the shaved truffle it taste almost like mushroom but it definitely has a distinct taste.

► Main:


How mouthwatering do our mains look? I am excited to go back for more! But for our mains, Tom went for the Italian Steak and Fries. Curious as to how Italian steak is different from French or British steak because I haven't tried it before, I asked the waiter and they described the meat as slightly tougher and has more texture. The steak was covered in a generous amount of garlic butter and you could taste the perfected grill flavour when indulging the steak. Highly recommend!

As I have been reducing my meat intake recently I went for a new vegetarian dish on the Super Lunch Menu, Gnocchi Sorrentina. Which is organic potato gnocchi that has been beautifully slow roasted in a rich tomato sauce. It also has some cherry tomatoes that bust with flavour and creamy mozzarella. You could taste that the restaurant uses high quality ingredients. As a cheese lover, I do wish there was more mozzarella because it was amazing! Probably one of the nicest mozzarella i've tried. The dish was very filling, I was in mini food coma after waiting for dessert. 

► Dessert:


Saving the best for last, dessert time! If I am not having cheesecake, Tiramisu is my go to dessert. Jamie did not disappointment with his take on the classic. It had multiple delicate layers of coffee flavoured sponge, luscious mascarpone cheese and chocolate that gave a lovely texture. Very well done. I could go for seconds!

Tom went for the Mighty Mess Sundae, which consist of a vanilla ice cream, strawberry yoghurt, smashed meringue, strawberry compote and baby basil. You've got a lot of fun going in one small bowl. Tom loved it and was surprised how well the basil and strawberry compote combination worked.

► Overall & Info:

Overall it was a super chill and delightful experience. It's an absolutely lovely place to go for lunch when taking a break from the office with a college or to take the family to. I adore the casual approach the resultant has. The food is quality and top notch. The friendly staff made sure everything was perfect and was very open to answering my questions. I definitely highly recommend it and will be going back for more.

Want to check out Jamie's Italian for yourself?

Super Lunch Menu: Available Monday to Friday, 12 - 6pm
Location: Middle Mall, Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham B5 4BE


  1. Wow this food looks so amazing! *_*
    Especially the dessert (best kind of food) :D
    xx, Anna Lea

    1. They were so goooddd! hahaha gotta love desserts :')