Another food diary post because eating is all I want to do right now. Anyway~ when exploring new cities, trying out new food places is of course a must! We was originally going to visit a different cafe but we got attracted in by all the pretty lights and it seemed like a decent place for brunch so why not?

► Atmosphere:

Located right in Liverpool's city centre, it's easy to find or stumble across on. The restaurant walls were decorated with historic paintings from head to toe, it almost felt like you were eating in an art museum! A very Instagram worthy place if you enjoy taking pictures of interior. Comfy cushioned chairs and super relax vibes, it tights nicely in with the name of Cosy Club.

► Drinks:

You know I love a bit of fizz or bevvies on my blog, so we went for some mocktails. I know, it's sadly not some cheeky cocktails but we were going to a festival after so we decided to save the drinking for later.

I went for Virgin Mojito - the perfect refreshing summer drink. It has the classic fresh mint, limes, sugar and soda. Sharp flavour and delightful, it was what I needed to get the day started. My friend Claudia went for Pink Lemonade, which consists of lemonade, pomegranate, strawberry, lemon juice and ginger ale. Great choice if you're after something sweet yet citrusy. 

► Food:

Time for the main part! They had a deal where you get 3 choice of Tapas for around £12 so we had 2 BBQ chicken wings because you know girls love their wings, with Garlic King Prawns. The wings taste bomb and were succulent. They also gave us complimentary bread, which would of been nice if it had butter too.

I was so ecstatic when I saw they had a vegan menu! However... when what I ordered came I was a bit disappointed to say. I went for the Avocado Brunch, which consists of avocado, tomato, coriander and lime on a toasted puccia bread. It wasn't terrible or amazing, average I would say. With the name Avocado Brunch you would expect it to have a lot more avocado. It's nice to see restaurants trying to accommodate to people's dietary preferences, but at this point I still think it's for capitalist gain purposes unless the restaurant is fully vegan.

► Overall:

Overall in nutshell - the atmosphere was great and you get a nice view of the city as well. Drink were good and they offer a range of choices. Food wise it was mediocre; I wouldn't mind going again but I am very unlikely to order the Avocado Brunch again.