Why be like everyone else in the Anti Social Club when you can be a black sheep in the Emotionally Unavailable Club?

When I saw this tee I knew I immediately needed it in my life! It reminded me so much of their 00 F*CKS GIVEN tee. Super simple and chill design, yet it's edgy af. I went for a more laid back and casual vibe in the pics above, by styling it with a denim jacket. But if you really wanted to take it the next level and give off cold emotionally unavailable vibes then you can style it a chocker and some grey lipstick. I am wearing NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Stone Fox.

See what I mean by it take the shirt/look to a whole new level? I look a lot more badass than a I actually am eeks.

Do you prefer to style your shirts casually or more edgy? ^^

Outfit Details:

Shirt: FivePoundTee
Jacket: YesStyle

*Disclaimer: Item sponsored by Five Pound Tee for review purposes. 


  1. i feel like this shirt describes me in a lot of my relationships. Love how the shots came out, too bad I live in the States T ^ T

    Mishs Diary

    1. thank you~ the sates have s much better shooting locations though!