Circle Lenses: Gothic 3 Tones VS Puffy 3 Tone Series

August 04, 2013

When it comes to natural looking circles lenses (natural yet noticeable and "vibrant") or 3 tone circle lenses in general, the Puffy 3 Tone series and the Gothic 3 Tones series are bound to be one of the most if not the most popular choice. Yes there is also the Natural 3 Tone series, but since I haven't tried them I cant really say much about them. xDD So in this post I am going to compare them and see which is the better one.

General Information - 
The Puffy 3 Tone is by Dueba retailing for  $19.50. (£12.23) where as the Gothic 3 Tone is by EOS retailing for $22.50 (£14.11). So price wise the Puffy wins, but the quality is what youre paying for, so dont decide which one is better by the price yet. XDD 

Size - 
They both have a 14.5 diameter; so you cant really compare something that has exactly the size feature right?ahah. Anyway if you want lenses that make your eyes look extremely or just big in general non of these would be ideal for you. 

Colour Opacity & Range -
I personally feel that the Puffy is more vibrant than the Gothic series. The Puffy 3 Tone Green show up more on my eyes than the Gothic 3 Tone Green ones do, if I tried other colours the results might be the opposite, but I doubt it since the Puffy 3 Tone Pink and Grey is more vibrant as well. So if you prefer your lenses to be more noticeable then the Puffy would be more ideal.
When it comes to colour range, the Puffy offers 6 colours and the Gothic offers 9. So the Gothic has a wider range. But the colours they offer are quite different, the Puffy has a pink where as the Gothic doesn't. the Gothic has Hazel and the Puffy doesnt. The win win factor for the Gothic series, is that it has lights and darks e.g light brown (Honey) and a standard brown (Brown), standard blue (Blue) and a darker one (Sapphire) etc. So the Gothic series wins for the colour range, also the colours are much more natural.

Blending With Eyes -
However, since the Puffy slightly more vibrant, its doesnt blend in with your eyes as well as the Gothic series do. So the series that blend with the eyes more, the Gothic wins.

Comfort -
Like wise with all circle lenses in general, its recommended that you dont wear them for more than 8 hours. *But I, Michelle never or bearely sticks to the recommendations ahhahaha. So I do wear them for longer. xDD They are both comfortable and they will last 8 hours or longer. Also they are ultra thing so it lets the eyes breath/get oxygen more I think? LOL or maybe im just chatting poo poo hahaha. But I do feel that the Puffy doesnt last as long as the Gothic, as id does slightly dry my eyes after 9hs, not literally dry it but I can just feel its not as hydrated. So comfort wise, the Gothic wins as the hydration of the lenses last longer.

Overall -
They are both very similar and have their different win factors but overall I would pick the winner as the Gothic series because I prefer the colour range much more and I can wear them longer without any problems. Thats why I said earlier dont decide which lenses are better by the price yet. xDD Another reason is that the Gothic series is more natural than the Puffy. Whenever I wear a Puffy series lens, my friends can immediately tell im wearing circle lenses. Where as when im wear the Gothic series lens, my friends ask has your eye colour changed? So the Gothic series is obviously the win win here. ^_^ Dont get me wrong though, I do like POW in your face lenses as well, but we are talking about natural / 3 Tone lenses here. xDDD

So which one of the series do you prefer? :D 

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