SOSKIN Stop Imperfection Serum Review

July 02, 2013

Im not sure if much people have heard of this brand SOSKIN Paris, it might be popular in France but i'm not sure since I don't leave there haha. In stores (in France and maybe some Europe countries) the Stop Imperfection Serum ranges from $20-30. One thing I like about SOSKIN is that they use pure active ingredients, so that their products promote better stability, penetration and efficacity. This product catched my attention by the name itself haha. Since you don't often stroll across serums that target imperfections, which I have plennntttyyy of! So I decided to try it. xDDD

This product claims to:
  • Stimulate cell regeneration to reduce imperfections.
  • Light fluid serum reduces redness and provides clearer complexion from first application.
  • Enriched with Tea Tree Essential Oil, Salicylic and Latiic Acid, this treatment cleanses, mattifies and reblances the seburn secretion.
  • The skin thus purified, recovers comfort and radiance all day long.

To start off, I LOVE this serum! When they say it provides a clearer complexion from first application, they werent joking. I thought it would be like most products where they claim you see results on first application and you see nothing or not much change. On my first use, I did notice my skin felt smoothed, the redness reduced and it gave my skin a matte yet radiant look. Overall making my skin look healthy. ^^

The product is very lightweight, it has a thin water like consistency, so it absorbs into the skin quicky. It also has like unqiue scent, which I cant really describe, it has a mixture of lavender, tea tree but kinda herball-y like? Does that even make sense haha. *Note it doesn't smell bad, my describing word is just really bad when it comes to scents. xDDD I love the main ingredients they've chosen for this serum - Salicylic Acid, Latic Acid and Tea Tree Essential Oil. As I feel that these ingredient work really well at controlling acne and reducing imperfections. After using this serum for a month, it really has made a difference to my skin. My skin has more radiance, the redness reduced and i've noticed my acne scars have faded slightly, even my friends have noticed my complexion looks healthier and better! ^_^

Overall I am ultra happy with this product. I would really recommend people that want to reduce imperfections and have healthier looking radiant skin to try this. You know it's a good product, if even your friend notice a improvment. I only have 2 cons to say about this product 1) the price and 2) its quiet hard to get your hands on the product. It may be a bit expensive for some people as it is a high end brand. You get 40ml which could last around 2months ish, personally I do think it's worth the price as it works fantasically! Second, SOSKIN products in general arent widely available. I had to ask my friend to help purchase it for me during her trip to in France. I would happy repurchase this product and rate it 4.9/5.

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