During 2013, Barry M has released a variety of new colours and nail effect polishes. One that found most interesting was the Confetti effect range. They are available anywhere in UK (not sure about overseas) for £3.99. I brought the shade Marshmallow a while ago, but when I first used it I didn't really like the effect much, so I just left it on the side. Recently a few of my friends said they wanted to try this polish and asked me to write a post about it. ^^

The effect of this polish is really cute! But it will take patient to achieve it, as you have to layer it for the full effect to show. The polish doesn't dry very quick either so you do have to wait before applying another layer, otherwise it could end up really messy. I did some experimenting to see what it would look like if a base colour was applied first, before applying the confetti. If you did apply a base colour, it looks more "full" and you could get away only layering 2 coats since the sparse areas aren't as visible. One thing I like about the polish is that, even with all the thick layering it doesn't chip much, or it take ages before it does.

I do admit, this effect as grew on me now and I do like it. I would purchase it again and recommend it to people that have the time to do their nails. But if you don't have time to be layering or just not a patient person in general. You may prefer just to paint a top coat and sprinkle confetti on top.

Barry M Confetti - Marshmallow Swatches:

Using the Confetti effect alone.

Used a light pink polish as a base before layering the Confetti effect on top.

 So what do you thinking of the Confetti effect polish? Do you like or it think it's weird? ^^

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