KPop Diet #2 - Nine Muses' Paper Cup Diet & Weight Profile

August 10, 2013

Earlier this year, Nine Muses grabbed the public's attention with their weight lost. Sera especially revealing that she lost 20kg since debut days! This diet is more for maintaining weight but it should also help lazy ones (like me haha) lose a little weight in general. ^_^ It works by portion control by preventing over eating. The great thing about this diet is that theres no restrictions, so you can still enjoy your meals. But dont be silly and eat cups full of fat lol.

Starting with some of the member's weight:
Sera: 50kg
Jae Kyung: 50kg
Eunji: 48kg
Hyuna: 50kg

The diet method is super easy and simple, you just prepare 3 paper cups and fill them up. 
Cup 1: Fill it with rice (preferably brown or mixed grain)
Cup 2: Fill it with fruit or vegetables (any fruit&veg would be fine ^_^) 
Cup 3: Fill it with side dishes (try avoid foods high in salts and fats)

This is not required but to keep it healthy as possible, for side dishes I recommend foods such as skinless or grilled chicken, fish (for your dose for omega 3) kimchi, loads and loads of veggies! etc
Have Fun with this diet haha, I think its quite interesting so I would deffo give it a go soon. ^^ Let me know how it goes for you if you decide to try it~ :3
Note* it will take a while before you start to see results.

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  1. I'm gonna try this diet out this Sep hols so I'll see how it goes! ^^

  2. How big are the cups?

    1. Size of paper cups, so I assume it would be like a small Costa coffee cup or paper cups you use at parties ^^

  3. I was wondering how many meals a day should I have in order to follow this diet. Should I follow the instructions for a evening snack?

    1. I think it would be 3 meals or how meals a day you normally eat - as this diet is focused on portion control ^^
      An evening snack wont be much food, so its not necessary to follow the instructions but ofc you can follow them to help achieve optimum results.

  4. i've tried to this before and i ate a little less than normal but i didn't lose more than 2 pounds, in the end i still got hungry and ate more. i love food too much lol XD

    1. Ooo how long did it try it for? o.o food is life! i always end up eating more too oopppss xD