This little post is for my friend Sarah. ^_^ So this is really irrelevant to what I normally blog about sorries, but Sarah have fun reading it~ ♥

I bumped into her yesterday and she said she "reads my blog everyday" so I was like AWWWWW. *getting emosh* It's been 3months since i've finished school and havent seen her, but she still reads my blog nevermind everyday omggg. *crys of cuteness* Its so hard to get hold of her since she doesn't use social networks or have a phone. :( Damn youuu get a phone for college lololol and what happened to your Twitter girl? xDD

So sad we're not going to same college/sixth form but I hope you do well with whatever you decide to do. ^^ and ofc we will still go Korea one day to find your husband Jay Park. xDD I miss talking about KPop, hot Korean guys, Running Man etc with you everyday nevermind not be able to talk to you about them during lessons anymore. T^T" and yes you still "like" Mr Wakeline hahahah according to him. ;D

Best wishes for you. ^_^ Hopefully will bumped into you more often haha. Saranghae xoxo ;D


  1. heeeey omggg i literally cried while reading this mishi i miss u alot n im happy that ive had such a great friend tp rely on i feel like creatin a blog juss for u lool *gettin all emotional* hope we keep in contact n see u in school on thursday for ur results gud luck on them love u sooo much that u woldnt be able to comprehend or believe muah muah ma baby n i acknowledge u now as bang‘s wife ill give him to u a prezzie for the time bein
    love saah xoxo

    1. Awww yesyes go create a blog now lol! Awwww love you too ofc ahahha xDD LOL and I acknowledge you as GD's wift ;D